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A Taxing – if not Scary – Halloween

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Message from the President

October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween, Friends of SDCTA!

As if our tax bills aren’t scary enough, our local government continues to provide us with much to be concerned about.

Earlier this month we released our San Diego region pension report which found that on average, 10% of city general funds in San Diego County are consumed by pension costs alone.  Our calculations were extremely conservative and did not include the cost of pension obligation bond debt payments, special benefits or retiree healthcare.  We are working on compiling that data for future phases of the project and sadly, the picture is only going to get grimmer.

It’s because of this frightening reality that we decided to host a forum on municipal bankruptcy last week.  The topic of bankruptcy has been bandied about by several politicians over the years, and with the economy putting further strain on government budgets we felt it was important to understand the facts.   Thanks to our Breakfast Club series sponsor, Sempra Energy, you can watch the highlights on video by clicking here.    Not a day goes by these days without news coverage on federal healthcare reform.  SDCTA has prepared a pamphlet to help you better understand the process and proposals being considered.  It also includes a summary of our principles for health care reform and non-partisan resources you can turn to for even more information.

To end on a positive note, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that 6,000+ property owners can look forward to receiving property tax refunds.  Don’t forget that November 30th is the deadline to appeal for a lower property tax assessment.  The one-page form is simple to fill out and worth the minimal effort.
Thanks for your continued support of SDCTA.  If you’re not yet a member, please consider joining before the end of the year!

Have a sweet weekend (pun intended)!


Lani Lutar
President & CEO

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