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A New Generation of Tax Leadership: Fletcher Receives Lowest HJTA Score Among Republicans in the Assembly

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association (HJTA), California’s premiere taxpayer advocate group, released their 2011 scorecard for members of the California legislature.  Among our local legislators, the score that stands out is Nathan Fletcher.  Fletcher, who’s running for Mayor of San Diego under the slogan “A New Generation of Leadership,” has the lowest score among all Republicans with an overall grade of C.

A low score by HJTA on Fletcher is sure to brand him as the type of Republican who will raise taxes, at least with many Republicans and Independents.  It also provides an interesting contrast with Carl DeMaio, who’s currently leading in most polls according to insiders.  DeMaio was a strong opponent of the Prop D sales tax increase last year and frequently speaks out against tax and fee increases brought before the City.

The third Republican in the mayor’s race, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, has no legislative record on taxes. However, she has refused to answer questions about whether or not she voted for the Prop D sales tax increase.

Here is how other local San Diegan Assembly members scored:

Harkey – A

Garrick – A

Jones – A

Jeffries – A

To see the complete scorecard, please visit:

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