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A Condemnation of Hunter’s Murder of Women & Children

As a member of the San Diego County Republican Central Committee, and as a Christ follower, there is no greater indictment on our Party’s lack of principle and faux commitment to the sanctity of human life than the fact that Congressman Duncan Hunter acknowledges without remorse the murder of women and children while simultaneously defending a soldier who has done the same. 

Listen to the sound from East County Christians in and out of politics. Crickets.

The lack of response from our Party and Pro-Life partners exemplifies our hypocrisy and the shallowness of our commitment to the ideas that formed our nation. My brothers and sisters are vociferous in discussions about Christianity’s role in the formation of our nation but eerily silent when it comes to standing by them. 

We even have a retired Army General telling Hunter on national TV to keep his mouth shut.

It must make folks question Christianity and our gospel when our Christian electeds are silent because they care more about their earthly citizenship than their heavenly. Not a prescription for reform or to “make America great again.”  

How do Hunter staffers preach on Sunday and defend this on Monday?

Does Christ have a second ethic for the soldier?

Who is this Jesus who places such a high value on those created in his image yet condones foreign intervention and the killing of civilians?

I’m embarrassed. We’re so completely rudderless that a Mayor from South Bend, Indiana can make national news pointing out the inconsistency of our positions.

This is not just an indictment of Hunter. This is an indictment of my Party. We won’t hold Hunter accountable because we value our role in politics greater than we value our principles. Our highest value is now ‘pragmatism’. Ends justify means.  

I’ll tell you what. Neither party is upholding their oath and reform won’t happen without a return to principle. The laws of nature work outside the jurisdiction of the politician and care little for their ideas.

*Update. For those seeking solutions see ‘just war’, Cicero, Aquinas and Thoreau.


Eric Andersen is a former Caucus Chair for the 71st Assembly District, Co-Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego County and im2moro. He is a former Rock Church Citizen of The Year.

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