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75th AD Watch: Lincoln Club Recommits; GOP Vacillates

Last week, the Lincoln Club of San Diego recommitted its prior endorsement and support for Andrew Hayes in the 75th Assembly District general election against Carl DeMaio. The Lincoln Club knows a runoff between two Republicans in this district is a horse race. 

Meanwhile, the word in political circles is the Republican Party of San Diego County is considering re-opening the endorsement process, in what many are saying would be an unprecedented move; a move that would further solidify the perception of a weak and non-credible local GOP.

The party also previously endorsed Hayes, but whispering in Chairwoman Paul Whitsell’s ear from unknown sources may have her knees knocking. 

It appears the chairwoman may have the sole authority to re-open an endorsement. It’s laughable that local Republicans would make such a move, with a host of resulting ramifications, including questions of party fortitude, a weakened ability to fundraise, and a legacy of rewards being doled out based on unseemly political pressure. 

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