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2nd Amendment in Escondido

North County –   The San Diego Union Tribune covered the recent Open Carry event in Escondido and not all city councilmembers were happy about it.    The group of law abiding citizens who stand for the 2nd Amendment and the right of individuals to carry firearms gathered in Escondido to express their 1st Amendment rights about the 2nd Amendment.   

 Various opinions were expressed by business leaders and elected officials, and there was even dispute amongst Republicans.   Mayor Pro Tem Dick Daniels said he supports the 2nd Amendment and the people’s right to carry a firearm openly.    On the other side,  Councilman Sam Abed directly stated he does not support people’s right to openly carry a firearm.     That is disappointing.   Our Constitution is very clear about an individual’s rights to self defense.    It shall not be infringed.

Bringing awareness to this important issue of individual gun rights is the goal of the citizens’ group.  Law-abiding citizens have a God-given right to keep and bear arms and is one of the most important of our rights protected under the Constitution.  That is why the Founders put Freedom of Speech (1st) and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (2nd) as the first two rights listed.   Without these, the rest are without a foundation.  

As our federal and state governments morph into gigantic intrusive monsters, we the people are beginning to rise up and fight back.   Pray God – we are not too late.

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