Too Quiet on the O’Side Front

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None of our in-the-know bloggers are going to take even a short, one paragraph stab at how the Rocky Chavez vacancy in Oceanside will impact the city?  How about what it means — if anything — to the union led recall effort of Councilman Jerry Kern?  Can Kern and his supporters successfully turn this into a call for stability, just when the city needs it most? 

No one?

Ok, how about our readers?  Comment away.

In the meantime, Jack Feller, if you’re reading, how about joining the blogpen?


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  1. Congratulations to Rocky Chavez on his appointment to a top California Veterans Affairs post. He is well-qualified for the job, and thoroughly deserving of the Honor. As both US Marine and city councilman, he has served his community well.

    By delaying his resignation a short time , he has done his best
    to assure Oceanside voters will pick his successor.

  2. Labor is spending thousands to take Kern’s seat, now they have an opportunity to have another. Liberal Esther Sanchez would completely control the city. Kern needs everyone’s support now!

  3. After having served with Rocky Chavez at NCTD and having known him generally for some years, I must concur that his future appointment is deserved and that he’ll do us proud in Sacramento.

    And although I’m not an Oceanside resident, I’m also proud of him for figuring out and/or negotiating the ability to remain on Council long enough to save the people of Oceanside $250,000 and the hassle of yet another special election.

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