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Video: Anderson Open House draws thousands of constituents

Thursday, January 7, 2016
posted by Senator Joel Anderson

I was glad to meet with 4,000 of my constituents at my annual Holiday Legislative Open House on December 10, 2015 at Toyota of El Cajon. This event gives me an opportunity to hear directly from my constituents about their opinions and legislative ideas. 40-60% of the bills I introduce come from ideas brought to me by the people I serve. I want to hear directly from you, about your concerns and your ideas for improving government. Thank you to all who attended.


A step back from politics — Don’t be mad, I’m just the messenger

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
posted by Poway Roger

My son has an internship with our State Senator, Joel Anderson. One day he was given a task to call the various church leaders throughout the district to see if they would lend their names to one of  Anderson’s projects.

My son called a Catholic church and, not being Catholic, wasn’t familiar with some of the the abbreviated titles on the list he was given.

So, he called the San Diego Catholic Diocese and asked if he could speak to “Messenger so and so.”

The receptionist giggled over the phone, “You aren’t Catholic, are you?”

“No,” he admitted.


Over 3,000 at Senator Anderson East County Holiday Party

Sunday, December 28, 2014
posted by Guest Column

by Guest Party-Goer Jordan Marks

Looking all around me I was literally lost in a sea of folks. That description is usually followed by, “I was at a palooza,” “a concert,” or “a street fair,” but for political nerds it was the Senator Joel Anderson Holiday party in El Cajon.

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It’s a time-honored New Year’s tradition to review all the new laws taking effect starting on January 1. So I thought I’d get a look at new laws affected Rostrafarians in California. I nearly choked on my breakfast when I looked at the number. There are 837 new laws taking effect as of today. Seriously? Our state was so far askew we needed over 800 pieces of legislation passed to patch us up? Holy moly.


From the Maienschein campaign…

Dear Fellow Republican:

If you agree that we need more Republicans in Sacramento who will fight to eliminate the regulations and tax policies that are driving businesses and jobs out of California, please join us in endorsing Brian Maienschein for State Assembly in the 77th District.

As a City Councilman, Brian Maienschein worked closely with the business community, earning a 100% voting score from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and personally helping to grow local businesses and attract new ones. He stood up for open competition on construction projects to reduce taxpayer costs.


Joel Anderson endorses Nathan Fletcher for Mayor

Monday, June 13, 2011
posted by Thor's Assistant

Why I support Nathan Fletcher for Mayor
by Senator Joel Anderson

Today, I am pleased to announce that my choice for San Diego’s next mayor is Nathan Fletcher. I hope you will join  me in strongly supporting him.

Throughout my time in the State Assembly, Nathan proved himself to be a principled leader. Time and time again, he stood side-by-side with the taxpayers, despite repeated calls for higher taxes. This has been tough the last few years.  Nathan has withstood attacks in the mail,  protests at his office and repeated pressures to raise taxes. However, he always holds firm.

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State Senator Joel Anderson Endorses Steve Danon for Supervisor

Thursday, March 17, 2011
posted by Kurt Bardella

From the Danon for Supervisor Campaign:

Escondido, CA – California State Senator Joel Anderson formally announced today his endorsement of Steve Danon for County Supervisor in 2012.

“We need good people to be strong advocates for creating an environment in our region for business to succeed.  Steve will fight for creating a better business atmosphere throughout our county,” said Senator Anderson. “With 12 percent unemployment in our State, it is all hands on deck to assist in getting our economy moving again,” continued Senator Anderson.


How taxpayer-friendly is your local representative in Sacramento?

The results are in from the 2010 Legislative Report Card issued by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA), one of California’s oldest and most respected taxpayer advocacy organizations, and San Diego Assemblymember Diane Harkey and Senator Dennis Hollingsworth received the highest “A” grades (94.7% and 96.9%, respectively) within the San Diego delegation!


Tuesday night the Valley News in Riverside erroneously reported that County Supervisor Jeff Stone defeated Assemblyman Joel Anderson for the 36th Senate District seat, apparently because the reporter was only looking at the Riverside portion of the results.

A new story has since been posted, without a trace of the incorrect report or a correction.

Here is the first part of the story that was…and wasn’t…and now never existed:

Stone-Defeats-Anderson_paper_V1Supervisor Stone declared winner in 36th Senate race

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
Issue 23, Volume 14


The Greatest Story Ever Told, Almost

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
posted by Sunshine

This is a bit lengthy, but worth it…

Let’s start with the biggest, and perhaps least exciting, races for the county (state races to follow tomorrow). In the 50th Dem Primary Francine Busby was selected as the Democrat nominee to lose to Brian Bilbray once more. I don’t think Busby was celebrating her victory, I searched for police reports and couldn’t find any so I guess she called it an early night.

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Early this week a mailer from the Joel Anderson for State Senate campaign came out and used a public quote from an on air interview in which radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock said of Anderson “Joel Anderson is the greatest freshman Republican from San Diego, ever”.

Anderson never claimed an endorsement, most politicos know that Hedgecock rarely endorses, but the Stone campaign today decided to try to create something out of nothing and succeeded in informing everyone that Joel Anderson is the greatest freshman Republican from San Diego, ever. Good job.


The following commentary by Jon Fleischman is up on the FlashReport today.

For many of the same reasons so eloquently noted by Jon, I support Joel Anderson for State Senate.  That should come as no surprise to anyone.  Joel and I have been friends for many years.

Yet, I have many friends in politics that I would not necessarily endorse for office.  It takes more than a warm body that happens to vote “correctly” to earn my support, especially at the state legislative level. It takes a fighter who understands just what this state is facing and how to turn it around, as well as someone who has the personal skills and tenacity to try to get it accomplished, instead of just being a “no” vote.  That also means having such a philosophy all of the time, not just when it fits the polling or the climate.


CONTACT: Eddie Sprecco 619-889-1348

(El Cajon) In another significant show of local support, the Bill Wells Campaign today announced the endorsement of the East San Diego County Association of Realtors.

The East San Diego County Association of Realtors (ESDCAR) is a professional trade association that promotes the benefits of private property rights and assists its members to better serve the public through training, and advocacy.

“Our local Realtors understand the difficulties facing East County residents in this tough economic time.” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Wells. “I will work with Realtors while in Sacramento to address the housing crisis, and ensure government is not standing in the way of the American dream of home ownership.”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 2, 2010 CONTACT: Eddie Sprecco 619-889-1348

(El Cajon) The Bill Wells for Assembly campaign today announced yet another major endorsement by a local grassroots organization.  The San Diego Minutemen have announced their backing of Conservative Republican Bill Wells in his run for the State Assembly.

“Bill Wells is the only candidate in the 77th Assembly race who will protect our border, fight illegal immigration, and defend the Constitution,” Said Jeff Schwilk, Founder of the San Diego Minutemen.


Stone’s Pattern of Abuse Should Disqualify Him in Minds of Voters

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
posted by Guest Column

The following appears on the FlashReport today:

by Scott Barnett

It should come as no surprise to the readers of this website that occasionally in politics, a politician will say one thing and do another.

But never in my career have I seen such a blatant display of hypocrisy than I have after observing Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone’s campaign for the 36th State Senate District over the last week.

After spending weeks attacking his opponent, Assemblyman Joel Anderson, for a “pattern of ethical abuse” Stone himself has engaged in a series of ethical violations. He seems to think that the rules do not apply to him, just everyone else.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 1, 2010 CONTACT: Eddie Sprecco 619-889-1348

(El Cajon) Bill Wells’ campaign for State Assembly continues to grow a list of local grassroots support and announces the endorsement of East County TEA Party leader Barry Willis. Willis is a founder of the East County TEA Party and has been heavily involved in the organizing and activism of the TEA Party movement.

“Bill Wells has been involved in the East County TEA Party movement from the beginning. He is exactly the kind of tax fighter we need in Sacramento,” said Barry Willis upon announcing his support.

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Duncan Hunter up on radio for Anderson

Friday, May 28, 2010
posted by Thor's Assistant

The retired congressman supports Anderson in the 36th Senate District race.  Listen here…


To have other campaign advertising of interest posted on Rostra, please send to Greg at

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The Honorable Bill Wells, Candidate for Assembly, AD 77

May 25, 2010

As a Conservative I am frustrated by the overwhelming push to have government be the solution to all problems. So I was happy to read a story of a novel approach taken by a Sacramento Hospital to limit their own exposure to waste and abuse of their resources.

This hospital decided to send a Social Worker to visit any person who visited the ER more than three times in a month. What they found was that these people often had no emergent medical problems at all. So what were the real problems then? Homelessness, addictions and mental illnesses were the predominant complaints. So what to do? How can you force people to utilize the ER appropriately?

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Yes, we already knew that.

But, here is the story from Capitol Weekly.

Most importantly, here are the pertinent sections related to the San Diego area contests…

AD 77 – This seat came open two years early when Assemblyman Joel Anderson, R-La Mesa, decided to mount a bid for state Senate. Another three–way race, this one includes El Cajon City Councilman Bill Wells; Brian Jones, a Santee City Councilman; and Christine Rubin, a former staffer for Senator Mark Wyland, R-Escondido. Wells appears to have the most endorsements, including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, though Rubin is well-connected and boasts the support of several sitting GOP legislators. Jones has some local support, but may have made some enemies in 2008 when he attempted to take on local Rep. Duncan Hunter in his own primary; he lost by 56 points.


Please Comment Here on Senate District 36 Candidate Guest Columns

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
posted by Guest Column

All of the candidates have now submitted a guest column.  Click on the names below to get to each commentary.

In the race to succeed Dennis Hollingsworth for State Senate, instead of reader discussion ensuing separately on each of the candidate commentaries, please enter your comments below this post.  Here are the individual links to the candidate guest columns….

Joel Anderson

Kenneth Dickson

Greg Stephens

Jeff Stone

For all of the posts on the SD 36 race, click here.



CONTACT: Eddie Sprecco 619-889-1348

(El Cajon) The influential California Dental Association (CDA) has weighed in on the 77th Assembly District Race in support of Bill Wells. The CDA has been a factor in many local primaries recently and have put their support behind Healthcare Professional Bill Wells in the form of a max-out contribution.

“The Dental Association recognizes my health care experience and service on the El Cajon City Council as a good foundation for success in Sacramento.” Said Mayor Pro Tem Bill Wells. The funding will help Wells get his message out to East County San Diego voters for the upcoming June 8th primary.

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McClintock Endorses Joel Anderson for Senate

Monday, May 17, 2010
posted by Thor's Assistant

See the post with press release at the FlashReport…


Martin Garrick on Joel Anderson’s Race for the 36th Senate District

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
posted by Guest Column

SD Rostra invited the Republican candidates competing in the 36th State Senate District race (succeeding Dennis Hollingsworth) to submit a guest column.  The commentaries have been posted in the order received prior to the deadline. Candidate submissions received after the original postings will be added as they come in, but in no case will any additional columns be added if they are written as rebuttals to the initially posted commentaries.  The following was received after the deadline…

Guest Commentary
by MARTIN GARRICK, Republican Leader, California State Assembly

Assemblyman Joel Anderson – A Proven Reagan Conservative

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SD 36 Watch: Hunter, Jarvis Taxpayers Endorse Anderson; Stone Asks for Debates

Monday, April 19, 2010
posted by Thor's Assistant

Excerpts from the Anderson Campaign…

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Endorses Anderson for Senate
Leading taxpayer advocate gave Anderson a perfect rating in 2009 due to his vote against Proposition 1A.

SACRAMENTO – California ‘s leading taxpayer advocate, The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA), has endorsed Assemblyman Joel Anderson in his bid to become the next State Senator from the 36th Senate District. Anderson’s service in the state legislature is what earned him the HJTA endorsement, which is considered the endorsement gold-standard in California Republican primaries. “Joel’s steadfast opposition to higher taxes earned him our highest rating,” said HJTA President Jon Coupal.


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