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Guest Commentary
by Jacquie Atkinson

Many Obama and Scott Peters’ far left supporters may find it appealing to view the recent diplomatic negotiations between the United States and Iran as the beginning of the end of the threat posed by Iran since its 1979 revolution. That mindset ignores the fact that this “deal” hasn’t even been signed by Iran, or ratified by its government and it ignores this little thing called reality and the reality is — the Islamic Republic cannot be trusted and they remain the most dangerous actor in the most volatile area of the world.

San Diego – After announcing the launch of San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO) on October 21st, we have received an outpouring of support from San Diego County residents across the political and demographic spectrum, all coming together to defend the Second Amendment.

Selling out a movie premiere of “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” having more than 170 attendees and receives over 1,000 likes on Facebook in under 3 months

NR: To Attract Disillusioned Voters, the GOP Must Understand Their Concerns

Sunday, January 24, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

An excellent read on the disillusioned white, blue collar voters driving the Trump phenomenon…

Dean Spanos ranked as one of worst owners in the NFL

Saturday, January 23, 2016
posted by Greg Larkin

“In case you’re new to the game, I’m not exactly a big fan of Dean Spanos. He’s a lying, manipulative billionaire who wants a cash-strapped city to fully fund a new stadium for a franchise he has mismanaged to a depressing degree. Aside from completely abandoning a fanbase that supported his team for 55 years, Spanos is the same guy who has been behind the firing of Marty Schottenheimer following a 14-2 season, the hiring of one of the worst head coaches in NFL history in Norv Turner, and continuing to pay the incompetent head coach/general manager combo of Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco.”

National Review: Conservatives against Trump

Saturday, January 23, 2016
posted by Thor's Assistant

In a National Review Symposium, prominent conservatives take on Donald Trump…

And this…

The Donald Trump Deception: 17 reasons he’s a domineering, big government crony

Big changes at Lincoln Club

Saturday, January 23, 2016
posted by Guest Column

From Ryan Clumpner…

Getting Into the Weeds Part IV: Pot Legalization Could Create a Banana Republic

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
posted by Diane Harkey

This op-ed originally appeared in The Press Enterprise and can be viewed here.

As we enter 2016, our new industry and cash crop, marijuana, is the buzz in Sacramento. Over 30 new pieces of pro-marijuana legislation will be introduced this year, with little outside-the-beltway scrutiny. Big players are waiting in the wings to seize the marketplace with recreational use ballot initiatives. Medical marijuana businesses are leery of how wholesale legalization will affect their market, and cities are passing zoning ordinances to keep the “industry” out of their neighborhoods.

Understanding Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sunday, January 17, 2016
posted by Eric Andersen

MLKThere are only a handful of men in the realm of law and politics that truly inspire me. Besides Christ … Gandhi, Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind. These individuals not only demonstrated a greater understanding of the ethics of civil government than their contemporaries but were willing to peacefully challenge the status quo at the cost of their own lives.

The 25+ year Mideast War

Sunday, January 17, 2016
posted by Elliot Schroeder

January 17 marks the 25th year since the United States began direct military action in the Islamic World. It started off easy enough with the opening air campaign of the Gulf War in 1991. But every year since then we have either bombed or had troops engaged in combat there with little to show for it.

U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Endorses Phil Graham

Friday, January 15, 2016
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories

Press Release

(San Diego, Calif.) – Kevin McCarthy, Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, and former California State Assembly Republican Leader, has announced his support for businessman Phil Graham for State Assembly.

“As someone who has spent his entire career in the private sector, Phil Graham understands what it takes to create jobs and get our economy moving,” said McCarthy.  “Phil will stand up to the Democrats and liberal special interest that control Sacramento and fight for common sense reforms that matter to Californians.  That means putting an end to the $70 billion high-speed train boondoggle and instead focusing on things like sustainable water, which will shape the future of our state for decades.”

SACRAMENTO- Assemblywoman Marie Waldron’s (R-Escondido) bill, Assembly Bill 59, which would extend “Laura’s Law” to help the mentally ill in California, passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee today on a bipartisan vote.     See press release HERE

“I am pleased that my bill to continue programs that provide stability for Californians with mental illnesses passed the Judiciary Committee today,” said Waldron. “’Laura’s Law’ has helped many Californians to get care for family members with severe mental illnesses who are incapable of seeking help on their own and present a threat to themselves or others.”

San Diego ABC Endorses Harrison for Assembly

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
posted by Mike Harrison

Associated Builders & Contractors
Endorse Mike Harrison for Assembly

(Ramona, Calif.) – The San Diego Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) has endorsed community leader Mike Harrison for State Assembly.

“I am very pleased and honored to receive the endorsement and support of the San Diego Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.,” said Harrison. “ABC is a leader in our community for free-market and enterprise values, they invest heavily in creating a workforce that is qualified to compete at every level, and they believe in the great potential of our San Diego County communities.  I look forward to partnering with the ABC on important legislative issues in Sacramento and being proactive to make a difference in California.”

Gitsham Reports $254,000 in First Finance Report

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories


(San Diego, Calif.) – Small business owner Denise Gitsham, the leading Republican candidate for Congress in California’s 52nd District, reported $254,000 in the first seven weeks of her campaign.

“I am unbelievably grateful for the support I’ve received thus far, but will not rest until I’ve reached out to every single constituent in my district, and earned their vote as well,” said Gitsham. “The latest polls validate what I knew going into this race: that our district – the most innovative in the nation – both deserves and demands a new generation of Congressional leadership; one that actually understands what small businesses and entrepreneurs need in order to thrive, and is unwavering in its commitment to protecting America’s strength and security.”

“It is what it is”

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
posted by Steve Gramm

KUSI News - San Diego, CA

“But when homeowners turn to the county for help, they get nothing…”

This quote is a really good summary of the attitude that Dianne Jacob has about the people she “represents.”

Watch the news report from KUSI. It perfectly captures the problem we in East County face.

With Bill Clinton climbing back into the public eye, touting his wife Eva Peron (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton) for President, it’s time I finally told the secret story of how I stuck it to him in 1993 — shortly after he was elected Sex Offender in Chief (okay, okay, that’s just a churlish aside — my bad).  The best part was that I got to embarrass President Clinton on national TV, and then let another person take all the media backlash (which was monumental) while I remained in the shadows.

Shortly after being elected President, Clinton scheduled a “Town Hall Meeting” with a TV station in San Diego (KGTV-10), allowing the station to gather a small, selected audience. Unlike the heavily scripted propaganda town halls politicians stage today, this one was a bit more open to challenging questions.

What Powerball Can Teach Liberals About Profits

Friday, January 8, 2016
posted by Steve Rider

Last week I sat through the billion dollar blockbuster hit, Jurassic World. While not a complete waste of my time (“he’s just being over-dramatic!”), the film had all the annoying attributes found in a big budget Hollywood movie. Most irritating was the not so subtle message that corporate profits were the root of evil. Watching a film that demonizes profits, despite being specifically produced with the goal of seeking record high box-office profits, requires an especially strong tolerance for hypocrisy.

CNN had a big staged town hall last night. The Executive Order has a number of provisions that try to make selling harder and expands background checks. San Diego politicians posted their reactions.

The thing is, none of these measures will likely have an impact. Of course, there is no objective and success criteria to evaluate the executive order either. But it’s feeding the public need to “just do something.” You don’t have to have a plan or a real solution “just do something” so we can check the block and move to another topic. Meanwhile, public safety and self-defense gets limited. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Yes, Research Gun Data

Friday, January 8, 2016
posted by Elliot Schroeder

Recently, shocking events morph into some unrelated actions. A shooting in a black church turned into taking down confederate monuments.  Mass shootings are turning into a debate on the CDC not being allowed to research gun deaths.  Truth is the CDC has never been stopped from researching, it just got its funding cut and for good reason.  Several CDC Senior researchers in the 90s had a political agenda trying to make the case to ban guns, not just research.

Video: Anderson Open House draws thousands of constituents

Thursday, January 7, 2016
posted by Senator Joel Anderson

I was glad to meet with 4,000 of my constituents at my annual Holiday Legislative Open House on December 10, 2015 at Toyota of El Cajon. This event gives me an opportunity to hear directly from my constituents about their opinions and legislative ideas. 40-60% of the bills I introduce come from ideas brought to me by the people I serve. I want to hear directly from you, about your concerns and your ideas for improving government. Thank you to all who attended.

Graham Raises More Than $350,000 for Assembly Campaign

Thursday, January 7, 2016
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories

Press Release

(San Diego, Calif.) – North County businessman Phil Graham reported raising $354,000 for his campaign for State Assembly. The impressive haul gives him a strong advantage in the heavily Republican seat and positions him as the frontrunner.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the response I’ve received from local residents and proud of the strong start,” said Graham.  “I’ve been walking door-to-door, talking to residents about the mess in Sacramento and what the priorities are for North County.  We need real leadership in Sacramento to bring focus on job creation and reforming the way we tax and spend in this state.  I am committed to providing that leadership.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a recent ruling that might help the Washington Redskins regain their trademark, which the government revoked for being “disparaging to Native Americans.”

The Ruling: In re Shiao Tam

The Federal Circuit ruled In re Shiao Tam that the portion of the Lanham Act allowing the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to deny or revoke trademarks that “may disparage” some groups or “bring them into contempt or disrepute” violates the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.

Let’s start here; I need y’all to show some leadership.  This simply won’t do. Stop worrying about your elections and reelections and take a stand.  The Republic is on fire and our state is in a political drought (both literally and figuratively).  I expressed as much today on Facebook:

In a stunning example of hypocrisy and double standards, Ryan Lentz of the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that extremist groups only exist on the right side of the political spectrum and that groups on the left are simply “grassroots” groups.

KOGO logo

After authoring a report that claimed that “extremist groups on the rise in America,” Lentz was asked to come on the DeMaio Report to defend his research and claims.

Assemblyman Jones Re-Appointed Republican Caucus Chair

Tuesday, January 5, 2016
posted by Assemblyman Brian Jones

Incoming Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes announced that he has appointed Assemblyman Brian Jones to serve as Assembly Republican Caucus Chair, a position Jones previously held from 2012-13.

“Assemblyman Jones has the experience, vision, and leadership ability that will serve our caucus well,” said Mayes. “Brian is well-respected for his relationships both inside and outside the capitol, his previous leadership experience, and his commitment to advocating forcefully for the pro-jobs policies that will help turn California around. I am proud to have him on my team, and I am excited to work with him as we continue to move our caucus forward.”

The Chargers announced today the team officially filed for relocation to Carson. The Dean Spanos video announcement is here.

No surprise, Twitter lit up as a result.

Leading the reaction was a series of tweets from SDUT Opinion Editor Matthew Hall, which Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Lee Jenkins touted as “the best use of Twitter” he’d ever seen.

Hall tweeted:

Dean Spanos: “We’ve had nine different proposals that we’ve made, all of them were basically rejected by the city.” OK, let’s list the nine.

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