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Shelia Jackson supports Lorie Zapf for City Council

Friday, June 4, 2010
posted by Vito Andolini

OK, not really.

Yet, if you read the Voice article this morning about supervisorial candidate Shelia Jackson’s home foreclosure, her words stand out a bit:

Jackson said her foreclosure shouldn’t affect her campaign.

“There are several people in this economic climate who have gone through that process,” she said. “If no one who went through that process was qualified, then a lot of people couldn’t run.”

The foreclosure also shouldn’t cast doubt on her financial management of the school district or county, she said.

Jackson called personal and district finances “two totally different budgets.” School districts that have had to close facilities during the economic downturn overreached during better times as well, she said.

She said her foreclosure allowed her to have a better understanding of economic troubles experienced by her constituents.


7 Responses to “Shelia Jackson supports Lorie Zapf for City Council”

  1. Sunshine says:

    I wonder how the unions and democrats feel about this?

  2. Spin Zone says:

    I wonder if CityBeat will give this as much attention as they have with Zapf?

  3. Dave Maass says:

    Well, that won’t be easy because

    A) we don’t have another edition before Wednesday.

    B) She’s not really any thing close to as competitive a candidate as Zapf, so perhaps not worth the time.

    C) We tend not to follow on other newspaper’s stories because don’t have the space/resources. Voice is on it, and I retweeted it.

  4. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    Sheila Jackson? Is this good news or bad news for Ms. Zapf?

    I will say that Ms. Jackson was a dissenting vote when the school board voted to stop the ROTC air rifle competitions. Credit where credit is due…

  5. Dave Maass says:

    But I did tweet it.

  6. Thor's Assistant Rostra Administrator (Thor's Assistant) says:

    Dave, I believe Spin Zone was being subtle.

    It is obvious that unlike Zapf, Jackson has no chance at all….thus why CityBeat may not feel the need to hatchet her, not to mention that she is a Dem. Kidding!

    To others that may have taken the headline in the wrong way: The first sentence, “OK, not really” was a key part of the post. That was Vito just being irreverent, likely. Or being Vito.

  7. Dave Maass says:

    Well, Krvaric was all over our case this morning about it, so I wanted to address it.

    Whatever CityBeat’s reputation might be, I’d like to point out that since I’ve been here we’ve covered Darrell Issa’s health care proposals and Joel Anderson’s efforts to hold PERS accountable critically, but ultimately positively. We’ve also slammed Democrats, including Ben Hueso, Mary Salas/Juan Vargas and Francine Busby. When we reported on shady tariff earmarks by members of Congress, the Dems got more ink.

    Further, the Republicans earned three out of the five blossomiest spots in our Turd & Blossoms column round up. (Of course they won three out of the five turdiest too).

    So, in other words, we might lean progressive, but we do make an effort to be fair.

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