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Emerald Fined 6%

Friday, April 30, 2010
posted by Sunshine

At the end of the 2008 election cycle everyone thought Marti Emerald had the least debt of all the city candidates. Turns out she had the most, and yesterday the City Ethics Commission ruled that her intentional or negligent non-disclosure of that debt would cost her $3,000. Emerald avoided the possible $10,000 fine, probably because of her cooperation (a point made by her attorney at least 482 times during her hearing) once the discrepancy was discovered. If you add this fine, and the political fallout that is sure to follow endlessly, to the ever growing list of Marti Emerald’s troubles the outlook for 2012 is worse and worse for her every day. She can still probably avoid a recall or a resignation if she keeps her head down, way down, but from what I hear the local Dems and union bosses might “ask” her not to run again in 2012 and are  already looking for a replacement.


One Response to “Emerald Fined 6%”

  1. Mathew Kostrinsky says:

    First, there is no truth about local Dems and labor looking for a “replacement” for Marti.

    Second, there have been candidates and treasurers from the Rep, Dem and Lib parties who the commission said error and been fined by the commission. Many of the Rep and Dem were by much larger amounts too.

    Third, those Dem and Rep candidates that were fined and won the race, then were still able to run and win future elections.

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