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Nomination for worst mailer of the season…

Friday, May 16, 2014
posted by Greg Larkin

…or maybe any season.  It’s 22 x 22, all in the same font. When you have money to spend but poor advice this is what happens.

(click for a larger, even more painful view)


8 Responses to “Nomination for worst mailer of the season…”

  1. Details details says:

    Thanks Tiffany Vinson and Art Castaneras for this one.

    Sources say Bob Schuman hasn’t been involved with the Simon campaign for weeks.

  2. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    We hope it was not implied he was. Guaranteed that Bob Schuman had nothing to do with this piece.

  3. Rick F says:

    Well, finally mention Fred Simon and it’s a shot at his mailer?
    No mention of radio spots, or TV spots?
    He walked to my door and was a really smart man with great ideas.
    I hope people are really giving him a serious look.
    I’ve received 3 pieces from him including this one and it was fine.
    Im more impressed with his big bus that was at my Starbucks 3 weeks ago. So many people stopped to look and took down the website address.
    How come no one here mentioned Carl’s plagiarized “report” or his sagging poll numbers?
    Carl must be worried or you guys won’t even care!
    Rick F
    Recently retired police officer

  4. JungleJane says:

    I spoke to Bob Schuman. The first time he saw the piece was on Facebook. He still has not seen the actual piece which is surprising since he lives in a 3-Republican perfect voting households. Makes you wonder who they mailed.

  5. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Why does Bob Schuman keep getting brought into this? We repeat, he did not design this mailer.

    Those who keep saying recent criticisms of DeMaio haven’t been mentioned here are apparently not very good readers.

    As for Simon, his campaign has yet to send anything at all our way. As in zilch.

  6. CV Lives says:

    I don’t know who Tiffany Vinson is (unless she is related to Scott Vinson). I do know Art Castaneras.

    Why would a Republican hire a former Democrat Party Chairman who has a reputation for being, shall we say, unethical? It doesn’t make sense.

  7. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    A reminder of the rules. Select a pseudonym if you want to be anonymous, then stick with it. Don’t change it every time you post. Thanks.

  8. LibertarianChick says:

    How does a graphic designer let this slide? I’m a GD and I’d never ever do this………….

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