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Pajamas, coffee and Obamacare

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
posted by Vito Andolini

The latest from that brilliant federally commissioned PR team.

A real man would add some whiskey to his hot chocolate.


7 Responses to “Pajamas, coffee and Obamacare”

  1. John K Stahl says:

    How about:

    Get up early
    Start a company
    Hire Employees

    Instead of sitting around in your jammies

  2. Dave Rankin says:

    If this ad actually would appeal to these kids today, we are doomed.

  3. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    They should have taken this picture in front of his shelf full of participation awards.

  4. Founding Father says:

    Every abled-bodied young man has the same option I did when I finished college…where I was afforded tremendous benefits, including free healthcare, dental, legal advise, and sundry other administrative and personal assistance if/when needed, discounted opportunities for housing purchases, car loans, education tuition assistance..…it was a uniquely American program that has endured for 238 years, served more young men than most welfare programs and produced outstanding leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, astronauts, teachers, coaches, cops, fireman, EMTs, and community servants in all walks of American life…

    The United States Marine Corps….

    I guess the Obama-ites would rather sit around in their jammies…classic!

  5. Richard Rider says:

    Eminent, objective religion professor (he teaches at all the best liberal universities) concludes that criticism of “pajama boy” is both fascistic and anti-semitic.

    I feel SO ashamed.

  6. Founding Father says:


    very enlightening article……and yet a prominent liberal feminist captures the “man-boy” phenomenon to a tee…its the overly sensitive “anti-semetic accusing” professor against the re-enlightened present “man-touting” feminist…interesting world we live in…

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