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DeMaio Sponsors Petition to Mobilize Support to Save Mt. Soledad Memorial

Saturday, December 14, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio

I’m sponsoring a petition to get Congress to intervene to keep the Mt. Soledad Memorial where it is.

Can you sign the petition so we can send a strong message in support of keeping the memorial?

Here’s the petition link:

Congressman Scott Peters supported the removal of the Mt. Soledad Memorial, and since then we have seen millions in taxpayer dollars spent on endless lawsuits.

In fact, over 70% of San Diegans disagree with Peters’ extreme position on this issue – as do I.

Throughout my time in public service, I have consistently believed that government ought to stay out of divisive social issues and refocus on fiscal reform, economic prosperity, and government accountability.

My commitment to protect the Mt. Soledad Memorial is a perfect example of my philosophy in action.

I do not believe we should be wasting our time or bandwidth of public debate (not to mention millions of taxpayer dollars) on frivolous lawsuits brought by extreme groups seeking to remove the Memorial.

It boils down to this simple question: Why not let San Diegans honor our nation’s military service members with this memorial and with whatever symbols of respect they want to use?

Both the Mt. Soledad Memorial and the Hillcrest Rainbow Flag underwent a pubic vetting and approval process – and obtained the support of San Diegans.

If those on the far left really stand for inclusion and respect for differing points of view as they did when they supported the Hillcrest Rainbow Flag project, I invite them today to join me in protecting the Mt. Soledad Memorial from government interference.  

Social issues should be left to individuals to decide, not government to mandate.  

It is a philosophy built around freedom and respect.  You can never have too much of both!


9 Responses to “DeMaio Sponsors Petition to Mobilize Support to Save Mt. Soledad Memorial”

  1. Dan Holstein says:

    Thank you Carl for standing for freedom of religion.

  2. Hypocrisy questioned says:

    Mr. DeMaio certainly never misses an opportunity to score easy political points. I have to give him credit for that. However, I do take exception with his statement that Scott Peters has supported the removal of the monument. Read the latest UT article – Peter’s spokesperson clearly states that he has always supported the cross as a war memorial. Let’s see if DeMaio really wants to be a new type of politician and retracts his statement.

  3. Sam Ward says:

    What a creative way to avoid discussing this week’s budget vote.

  4. La Playa Heritage says:

    Thank you for fighting for freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

    Constitutionally if the cross has to go, so do the two Eruv lines installed in the City right-of-way in La Jolla and the College area. The Eruv lines are almost invisible, were approved by our City Council, and give freedom of movement to San Diegans on the Jewish Sabbath. Washington DC has several contiguous Eruv lines. Both the Cross and the Eruv lines are installed on public property for religious and spiritual reasons, and provide comfort to many individual citizens. Equal protection under the law.…/26/please-mingle-its-eruv/

    From January 1 through September 18, 2006 City Council Member Scott Peters was only in the minority twice. The first time was when Scott Peters was the only Council Person to vote against the Placement of a Rope Barrier at La Jolla Children’s Pool. The second time was when Peters and two other Council Person voted against Accepting the Litigation Update Regarding Legal Challenges to Mount Soledad Cross and Proposition A. Scott Peters lives in La Jolla in the 52nd Congressional District and made it a point to vote against both the seals and the Mount Soledad Memorial Cross.

  5. La Playa Heritage says:

    City Council Hearing Tuesday May 23, 2006 Item 331.

    Video Start Time 9 Hours 15 Minutes to 18 Minutes.

    City Council Member Scott Peters voted against directing the City Attorney to file an Appeal and Legal Stay to uphold the public’s July 26, 2005 positive vote on Proposition A to transfer the Constitutional fight of Memorial Crosses on public lands to the Federal government, where it belongs.

    Peters voted against continuing the appeals and uphold the public’s vote. Instead Peters gave up administrative remedies and blame his decision not to fight for the will of the people on the courts.

    The City Council hearing to file an Appeal and Stay was needed to get rid of the potential fines lamented by Peters. As a lawyer Peters knew this. The City never paid any fines because the paperwork was processed. No thanks to Peters interference.

    “On July 26, 2005, the ballot measure to transfer the property to the Interior Department as a veterans memorial received votes exceeding the two-thirds threshold required to pass. Voters Pass Prop A: “Shall the City of San Diego donate to the federal government all of the City’s rights, title, and interest in the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial property for the federal government’s use of the property as a national memorial honoring veterans of the United States Armed Forces?” (Proposition A Passes: Yes votes totaled 197,125 or 75.96% and the No votes totaled 62,373 or 24.04%).”

  6. Karen Grube says:

    I find it absolutely reprehensible that DeMaio would exploit this situation as a campaign tactic to get email addresses to solicit for fundraising and support for his Congressional campaign! I hope no one thinks this useless petition is anything but his typical opportunism on display. Instead, call Feinstein and Boxer, and your Member of Congress, and the DOD directly yourself and let them hear your own voice asking for this outrageous decision to be appealed.

  7. Lee J. DeMeo says:

    Karen, would we rather that Carl DeMaio would come out in support of removing the Mt. Soledad Cross? Carl DeMaio and I probably come to the defense and support of the Mt. Soledad Cross from two somewhat different directions. But we both get there.

    P.S. I signed the petition. I hope others do too.

  8. Richard Rider says:

    The only time Karen Grube has something unkind to say about Carl DeMaio is when he’s gay. No matter what position he takes on any issue, he’s STILL gay!

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