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Cliff Albert departs KOGO

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
posted by Thor's Assistant


Longtime KOGO Radio Program Director and local radio legend Cliff Albert piqued some curiosities last night with this post on his Facebook page

There is a great blessing to being between jobs during the holidays: Now I’ll get to spend more time with the kids and the grandkids…which will be my greatest gift this Christmas season.


When a friend asked what “between” meant, Albert responded, “Definition of between: Having a former job and a future job at the same time. KOGO is the former, the future is ?”

Indeed, although it may not have been widely known, last Friday All ACCESS did have the news that Albert and weekend host Steve Yuhas have left the station. KOGO host LaDona Harvey had this to say in the post…

Today I lost not just a boss. I lost a mentor and a huge cheerleader. CLIFF ALBERT gave me a chance to do Talk radio when, I am sure, no one else would have. He was encouraging and one Hell of a taskmaster. He didn’t put up with my crap, but he did believe in me. He never hesitated to send an e-mail expressing his incredulity when I did something stupid, (which was oftener than I would like.) CLIFF is a nice man, a good egg and he will be missed at CLEAR CHANNEL/SAN DIEGO. To the bad … he hates dogs, which is just weird. He will probably also live a lot longer, not having to deal with me. And (morning host CHRIS) MERRILL. So, there’s that.


This morning, Albert followed up on Facebook:

Just wanted to say I have been overwhelmed by all the messages of encouragement about my departure from KOGO as program director. Thanks to all my FB pals for your posts and to other friends who have called or emailed. And a very special public thank you to my wife and family who are amazing and through whom God reveals his love to me every day. I am confident and excited about the future.


Albert will be missed at KOGO, immensely, as will Yuhas. Rostra wishes them the best.


2 Responses to “Cliff Albert departs KOGO”

  1. Bizarre says:

    The latest in a string of bizarre moves made by KOGO/clearchannel

  2. Hopefully Cliff is independently wealthy at this point. Jobs such as his don’t grow on San Diego trees.

    Over the years, I’ve told many reporters, news anchors, talk show hosts and cameramen that they should leave the extremely uncertain field of private media and get a government job. Quite a number did, and are sitting pretty — I doubt one has since been fired (unless they went to work for a politician, which IS tenuous employment).

    Apparently Cliff liked his work too much to make “the right move.” He had a hell of a long run at KOGO, and he WILL be missed.

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