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Brown Signs SB 7, Chooses Unions over Cities

Monday, October 14, 2013
posted by Bill Wells

Labor Unions used to be able to claim “Unions Built America”.   Now however, many Labor Unions use their political buying power to pervert the system to further their own greed. Governor Brown has signed SB 7 into law. This allows the state of California to withhold funds to Charter Cites who, by right and by charter, refuse to pay prevailing wage. This means a 20% increase in the cost of public projects. It also shows Browns commitment to ignoring the will of the people and to shove costly socialist policies down our throats. El Cajon voted just a year ago to become a Charter City and now the desires of Labor Unions have invalidated that vote.


3 Responses to “Brown Signs SB 7, Chooses Unions over Cities”

  1. PAUL THERRIO says:

    Question, Who else besides unions “pervert the system to further their own greed”? The last time the Dems and Repubs truley united is when true campain reform was on the table. They both united against it.

  2. Ms. Right says:

    Chartered/unchartered cities should be able to have a vote or have their electeds to chose the correct course of action. Union’s are ruining New Jersey, and they will ruin California on a much bigger stage. Very SAD.

  3. Hypocrisy questioned says:

    Ms. Right,

    Should cities be able to ignore state laws and set their “own course of action” for all issues? How about minimum wage? Safety regulations? Speed limits?

    Should we stop at Cities or should we allow elected Town Councils in Clairemont or San Ysidro ignore State Law as well?

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