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Recall time for Filner? No. Not yet.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recall time, anyone?

Well, no. Not yet. Legally and politically, it’s premature to start the effort to remove the screwball we’ve elected mayor of San Diego.

That being said, 2014 seems a reasonable year to look forward to. IF Filner continues to alienate folks with his bizarre behavior and awesome arrogance without bounds, HE will be the one making the case for his own removal.

Will his hubris override his political acumen? Frankly, I’m not convinced. Yet. But I can hope.

His efforts to gut the city’s voter-passed pension reform and managed competition props may make a solid case for his removal. But Filner knows that, so he will likely try to cripple these initiatives using regulatory and procedural roadblocks rather than come at the reforms head on. A compliant union-controlled city council majority will help him in such efforts.

If there IS a 2014 recall election, personally I think that Filner-Aguirre is toast. Without the Presidential year “low information voters” and Obababot ballots, he will lose. His replacement could be one of MANY people — some good, some not so much. But just about anyone can better lead our city than Filner.

Of course, I’d love to see Carl DeMaio as mayor. But I’m unsure if he wants another such battle so soon. And there are many other factors that would be in play at that point.

For now, we sit and wait. Filner, do your worst. You da man!


4 Responses to “Recall time for Filner? No. Not yet.”

  1. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Readers, see B-Daddy’s post…

  2. I got a call from the press today on another matter. In passing, they asked if I knew where Mayor Filner was. Apparently he is laying low, trying to avoid the press.

    Well maybe the press he deems unfit for interviews. At any rate, a bizarre aspect to consider.

  3. Micheal Erl says:

    You boys dont know what a screwball is. To an athlete it is a great pitch. To all ye non athlete/polyhacks it dont matter at tall. What is the matter with all ye GOP scrubs?

    I have a symbiotic relationship with the GOP, and bingo do i dig the crass political talent of Bobbie the Big Guy. Filner reminds me of Donna Fried with brains.

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