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Rethinking Lance Armstrong

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
posted by Barry Jantz

I’ve laughed in the past at those so willing to defend the late Michael Jackson based solely in their seemingly blind belief that he was too talented to have any “issues” … or at least any poor judgment. They would put him on a pedestal, perhaps not wanting the worst to be true.

It’s clear that I, admittedly, have done the same with Lance Armstrong.

Yet, any comparison to Jackson ends there. His obvious personal “weirdness” differed greatly from Armstrong’s apparent lack of any. Some would say a dysfunctional upbringing fueled Jackson’s demons. Yet, Lance overcame a life-or-death illness, thus captivating and capturing many through his courage.

Apparent courage, now, at least some of it.

Sigh. Maybe I’m still trying to defend Armstrong. It could be both he and Jackson chose “help,” but for different reasons. One to overcome demons. The other to sustain a career, a persona…maybe a desire for greatness. That could be a demon as well.

Maybe the comparison doesn’t end.

I now laugh at myself for having defended such a hypocrite.


4 Responses to “Rethinking Lance Armstrong”

  1. John Weber says:

    Lance Armstrong is a snake. He needs to make amends to the people he sued and tried to destroy. And then he needs to disappear from the public eye. That’s the best he can do as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    Too much faith in humanity is never something to be laughed at. If ever there was a trait of a conservative, it is faith in humanity.

  3. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    “I now laugh at myself for having defended such a hypocrite.”

    I considered Duke Cunningham a hero until the day he sold this country for a yacht. My faith isn’t shaken though.

  4. Scott H. Kidwell says:

    Not to worry that Sir Bikes-A-lot has fallen. There will always be more narcissists in sports and politics for whom we will unwisely sustain!

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