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Just a thought

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
posted by Bill Wells

So I was thinkng that we should really give Drunken Sailors a break on spending and rework the phrase to read: “Spending like a Drunken Legislator”. What do you think?


4 Responses to “Just a thought”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Bill. Old salt myself.

    In a similar vein, it’s time we shop referring to politicians as prostitutes and whores. The (mostly) lady practitioners of these age-old occupations/pastimes doubtless are incensed at the gratuitous slur regarding their character.

  2. JMG says:

    As a drunken sailor I am immensely insulted.

  3. D. Morton says:

    *Sober* legislators. The addition of alcohol would probably lessen the amount of money Congress spends – if not due to intent, then at least due to decreased motor function and increased desire to be somewhere that a lobbyist can buy the next round.

  4. Who says we Republicans don’t have fun?!

    With this much time to waste, I really should get a paying job.

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