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Lorena Gonzalez — Yep

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
posted by Thor's Assistant

Labor leader Lorena Gonzalez announced for State Assembly this evening. That should be no surprise to Rostra readers. See Steve Gramm’s piece from March of this year, specifically the first scenario…


4 Responses to “Lorena Gonzalez — Yep”

  1. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    “San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, Congressman-elect Juan Vargas and State Assemblyman Ben Hueso are among the leaders who have already endorsed Gonzalez.”

    (from NBC San Diego)


  2. Ya Know... says:

    Someone call Mike Slater. He missed a spot.

  3. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Other media mentions today note that Chula Vista Councilman Steve Castaneda says he will run for the assembly seat as well.

  4. It’s of no importance. Lorena will be replaced by another labor union boss, marginally better or worse, I suspect. And whoever takes that State Assembly seat will have the same progressive/socialist agenda.

    Same old, same old.

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