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Eric Andersen: Support me for GOP Central Committee Treasurer

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
posted by Guest Column

Guest Commentary
by Eric Andersen

On Monday night we elect our new Republican Party Central Committee officers.   It’s time.  It’s  time for change and the New Republican Party.   It’s time to grow and strengthen our party around a grander theme.   It’s time to unite around the time tested principles that created the most prosperous and free society in 5,000 years of human history.  It is time to get back to our roots and stand on that which can deliver what each of us desire — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s time for the bold colors of  constitutionally limited government and free markets.   It’s time to return to the narrative that just five months ago energized youth, Hispanics, social moderates, decline-to-states and Independents.  It’s time to return to a message with a track record.

We want a message that will make our job of  fund raising and recruiting easier.  This is it and its time to have someone on the Executive Committee with a history of articulating these ideals.

This is not the time to tear down but a time to join Chairman Krvaric and organize around something bigger than we can accomplish as individuals.

I want to be your Central Committee Treasurer.  What I lack in Felienian humor, I will make up for with financial reports for our members that are short, transparent … and include numbers.

I appreciate and respect Gary’s years of service but it is time to send a message that we are moving the discussion forward to the important matters of liberty and prosperity.

Thank you for your support this Monday evening – Please vote Eric Andersen for Treasurer/San Diego County Republican Central Committee.

It’s time.

# # #

Eric Andersen is a co-founder of im2moro and the San Diego Republican Liberty Caucus. He was the the Central Committee’s top vote getter in the county in June and he was recognized as the Rock Church Citizen of the Year.


23 Responses to “Eric Andersen: Support me for GOP Central Committee Treasurer”

  1. karen West says:

    Heck yeah!!!

  2. Karen Grube says:

    Yes, it is time for a change. It is NOT, as you say, a “time to join Chairman Krvaric and organize around something bigger than we can accomplish as individuals.” We desperately need a new Chair! If we don’t elect a new Char, nothing else will matter and we will continue with the same Chicago-style leadership we’ve had. The real conservatives on the CC will be booted off, we will continue to lose Republican voter registrations to No Party Preference, we will continue to lag behind the Democrats, and we will continue to lose elections with hand-picked RINO’s.

    It IS time for a change, Eric. I challenge you and everyone on the Central Committee to make the one change that will make the difference; elect a new Chair when you meet on Monday. If you don’t, you’ll get what you deserve.

    You need to know that you now have a responsibility to the voters of this county to present them with a Republican Party they can trust, one they actually want to be involved with, and one that is open to their input as opposed to making decisions behind closed doors. Do THAT and you’ll have the CHANGE and the NEW Republican Party we all want and need. If you don’t, it will be the same losing party we already know all too well.

  3. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    I agree with Mr Andersen here; helping Tony Krvaric to grow the party is the goal. Tony has done an admirable job reaching out to tea party conservatives and Liberty activists. He was encouraging when we formed the Republican Liberty Caucus and always asked people to step up and run for Central Committee.

    Both Tony and Eric have my full support.

  4. Don Ayers says:

    Karen Grube = clueless

    Her first argument to oust Krvaric is why Nick Popaditch couldn’t beat Susan Davis in one of the most heavily democratic seats in the nation.

    Get a clue lady

  5. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    I am totally in favor of lashing out against leaders and the elected when they earn the criticism. The Tony Krvaric stuff has me scratching my head though.

    The guy runs the party pragmatically rather than ideologically which allows the elected GOP members to represent their voters. He doesn’t sit around and prognosticate; he gets people doing the work it takes to support the elected and candidates. I’ve never met anyone who holds an office who has anything bad to say about Tony. The few who have something bad to say about Tony can’t explain specifically why they don’t like him (or it turns out to be a personal issue). The guy is not a dictator nor is that what his position calls for. He can’t wave a magic wand and make the county more conservative.

    The Central Committee members like him and we elect each of them. The elected GOP likes him and we elect those folks too. The GOP volunteers that volunteer under him like him. His paid employees like him.

    I don’t think anyone has made the case that there was something more Tony could have done or should have done reasonably to win more in this last election. Nor has anyone stood up and made the case that they’d be a better leader. I know it was a rough election, but blaming it on Tony? There seems to be a missed connection or lack of logic there. I don’t see the straight line back to Tony. And the truth is…you probably don’t either.

    My first thought after I saw the election results was, “I wish I had volunteered more and worked harder.” Not “who can I blame?” We’re conservatives here. Individual responsibility, folks.

    Again, I am all for going after leadership, but not just to make them a scapegoat for my own frustrations and lack of motivation.

  6. Patricia Madden says:

    Nick Popaditch was and is clueless. What you need to defeat Susan Davis is a pro choice, professional woman. Not somebody who is one step out of the political cave. Knock, Knock, the same old thing doesnt work. The Tea Party people are not involved anymore. They are to busy prepping for December 12 and the end of the world.

  7. Mole says:

    Patricia Madden:

    “What you need to defeat Susan Davis is a pro choice, professional woman.” What you suggest is to run a Susan Davis clone. Why should anyone vote for your clone with a Republican tag when they can already vote for the real thing. RINO’s are clubby trivial pursuit politicos with an ideological vacuum guided by a desire to finally win that junior high school popularity contest. You win the Lillian Helman Award, “There’s no there there.”

  8. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    “What you need to defeat Susan Davis is a pro choice, professional woman.”

    Like Meg Whitman who supports taxpayer-funded abortions! We could, quite literally, run to the Left of Susan Davis. Meg self-funds too so principled Republicans won’t have to waste any money or time–just lend her the R brand for a month or two.

  9. Lee J. De Meo says:

    I too, along with Brian Brady, support Tony Krvaric and Eric Andersen .

    I support the great vision Eric Andersen presents as he states “It is time to get back to our roots and stand on that which can deliver what each of us desire — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s time for the bold colors of constitutionally limited government and free markets. ” When I ran for Central Committee last June, I shared in my campaign literature that “The San Diego Republican Central Committee is a place that Conservatives like me can influence the Republican Party to move back to its Conservative Roots…”. And that is to those Great American Principles Eric talks about, those Constitutional Conservative Principles I talk about. My goals and his vision are shared, and they are the direction our Republican Party must now go, and must now return. It is Back to the Future.

    And as far as Tony Krvaric goes, As an Alternate on the Central Committee for the last two years, in the one ore two things that I have asked Tony for help with, including a ballot initiative I was working on) Tony was nothing but helpful to me. And before the June Primary, during the Central Committees’ “Super Saturday Caucus” where the Committee met to the attempt to endorse candidates for the Primary, Tony was nothing but fair to all sides in the process, including the contentious endorsement in the 3 way race for Mayor. The rules were followed and later Tony stated that it was a victory for the Grassroots. And it was. Some folks in the past have said to me that they felt Tony was not a conservative. I don’t believe that. This past November, on election night downtown at Election Headquarters, I had the opportunity in the wee hours at the end to spend a few moments with a few fellow Republicans who were still there, and Tony was there. It was easy to see that his conservative heart was as panged and hurt as the rest of ours for the future of our Country.

    Finally, in an Email that Tony sent to us after the election, he asked us that if we have specific ideas for our party, to take the step of leadership and the willingness to put the work in to make them happen. So Critics and Compatriots alike as Tony has asked us, I ask you to join us and help us “Regroup, Rethink and Rebuild.”. Our Country, our County and our People need you now.

  10. gopmomofthree says:

    We need to rid the party of whomever came up with the idea to boost Filner to get Fletcher out of the race.

  11. D. Morton says:

    Dare I suggest that after getting its ass roundly kicked in the past election cycle, perhaps a new approach is preferable to doubling-down on the same leadership and policies?

  12. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    D. Morton, no, you may not unless you have specific suggestions on what part of their process could be improved based on your first-hand experience as a volunteer. Then follow that up with a specific person you have in mind to replace Tony with specific reasons why he/she is better suited. I don’t know how any call to replace a leader can be legitimate without that perspective.

  13. John K Stahl says:

    There needs to be more inclusion and an open process to selecting the candidates other than just hand picked from above. How about debates with all candidates who step forward instead of Nehring from the back of the room pushing group endorsements.
    The Republican party needs the various TP and Conservative groups in the county to help and neither group will win going forward unless there is a cohesion and unification.
    That was not present in 2012 and how will that change for 2014.
    The Dems and the unions have numbers and organization. Unless we unite the R/TP/C groups in the county, we are an endangered species. If Tony is the right guy to drive that unification, I am all for it. I did not see that unification and team effort from the party in 2012, let’s see if we can drive the needed change.

  14. Locally the GOP was doomed because of the Obama effect. No other GOP leader could have made a difference, and likely would have been less effective. Let us remember that this “office” is a VOLUNTEER position.

    Let’s see what happens in 2014, sans the Obama effect. Many of the clueless will fail to vote. That’s not good for the Democratic Party, though most local partisan districts are too Gerrymandered to change.

    Peters will be in trouble — he BARELY won with the Obama effect, and the robotic Democratic “down ticket” votes provide by UCSD students.

    Frankly I look forward to when Todd Gloria’s city sales tax increase goes on the ballot, assuming that happens before 2016. A sales tax is a far cry from a “millionaires’ tax.”

  15. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    @D.Morton if we’ve learned anything from the Presidential election, you don’t win elections by being against something; you win them by being for something.

    If Congressman Tom McClintock resigned from the House, moved to San Diego, and wanted to lead the RPSDC , I’d drive over to Tony’s office to ask him to step aside. My guess is that Tony would be sitting with McClintock, planning an orderly transition when I got there.

    Absent McClintock, Tony Krvaric is my choice to be Committee Chairman. I don’t always agree with him (nor does he always agree with me) but we listen to one another, try each other’s ideas, and work to build a bigger coalition. Tony stands FOR less government. Tony stands FOR free enterprise. Tony stands FOR including tea party people and liberty activists in the party.

    I can help grow this Republican party with Tony Krvaric as Committee Chairman. That’s my end goal.

  16. John K Stahl says:

    I do not know of any Tea Party or Conservative groups that were attending the monthly R meetings at RBI. Most gave up knowing that their interests were being excluded. What is the plan for inclusion and unification. Status quo will not work going forward. Ronald Reagan said that “Status quo was nothing more than Latin for preserving the mess we are in.”
    Brian, let’s do coffee at a Starbucks and discuss how we bring about unification and inclusion.

  17. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    John K Stahl, your last sentence was by far the best, most useful comment ever to appear on SD Rostra. Surpassing in importance and potential the majority of the official posts.

    If you two get together and come up with a plan that needs volunteer help, please put my name at the top of that list.

  18. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    “Brian, let’s do coffee at a Starbucks and discuss how we bring about unification and inclusion.”

    Calling now. I have big goals for our area, John (78th Assembly Caucus) and would appreciate your leadership

  19. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Coffee dates … being set up right here on Rostra. Can’t imagine a better use of this forum!

  20. John K Stahl says:

    Thanks for your support
    We will be in touch

  21. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    Good meeting today, John. Your ideas are great and your leadership will be invauable.

  22. John K Stahl says:

    I look forward to working with you on these issues, finding solutions and winning hearts

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