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DeMaio Recovery Audit Program Nets Savings for Taxpayers

Monday, November 26, 2012
posted by Carl DeMaio

Report Released at Today’s Audit Committee

Recovery Audit to Save Taxpayers Money

As part of his Roadmap to Recovery, Councilmember DeMaio proposed that the City of San Diego implement a Recovery Audit Program to identify and recover overpayments made to vendors working for the City of San Diego.

The City Council unanimously approved DeMaio’s program, and today the City Comptroller reported the results of the audit identify over $206,946 in erroneous payments that the city can recover.  The audit of sales, use and excise taxes paid by the City has identified an additional $1 million potential savings to the city.  The Comptroller projected savings of up to $2 million from the program based on the initial audit findings.

DeMaio was pleased with the success of the program and offers the following statement:

“I’m thrilled we were able to identify savings for city taxpayers through this audit.  The City should continue to review all payments to its vendors in the coming years to reduce erroneous payments and protect taxpayers.”

A full report can be found at:



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