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Did Hueso Bite the Hand That Feeds Him or Kiss It?

Monday, November 12, 2012
posted by Jeff Powell

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith recently filed a lawsuit against the state of California to try to invalidate a new law requiring the city to provide Social Security coverage for its new employees.  A measure authored by Assemblymember Ben Hueso.

The real story out of this is that three local labor unions representing white-collar workers, firefighters and lifeguards are joining Goldsmith in the lawsuit.

This is especially fascinating since the head of the San Diego/Imperial labor council supported Hueso’s bill.

What does this mean for Hueso? Did he overestimate Union support since he had the approval from San Diego’s top union boss? Will this hurt Hueso’s support from the Unions for his expected senate run or will it solidify support from the labor council?

Here is the editorial from the UT today.  What do you think?


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