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Don’t forget – Prop 30 failed in SD County

Saturday, November 10, 2012

While Prop 30 passed handily statewide, it failed equally as handily in San Diego County. It failed 46%-54% in SD County while passing 54%-46% statewide.

I did my job opposing Prop 30!!  😉

Just glad I wasn’t campaigning in LA, or SF, or SAC.

Note to local SD politicians (especially Filner) — don’t think you can get tax increases easily passed by voters in this county. Even in the city of San Diego.  And certainly not before the next presidential election in November, 2016!

Indeed, I would look forward to just such a local contest. Bring it on!


One Response to “Don’t forget – Prop 30 failed in SD County”

  1. Mole says:

    Yes, you did do your part and then some! I thank you for that.
    In the end defunding Leviathan will topple oppression

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