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Local law grad suing alma mater over unemployment…after rejecting full-time law job.

Friday, November 2, 2012
posted by Ryan T. Darby

A group of Thomas Jefferson alumni have sued the local law school because they couldn’t find a legal job after graduation. It’s a patently frivolous lawsuit, as I’ve already pointed out. And a deeper investigation shows it’s even more ridiculous than I originally thought: it turns out the lead plaintiff accepted a full-time attorney position, and then changed her mind.

As it turns out, the lead plaintiff initially accepted the full-time position, but then changed her mind because the firm declined to pay her annual Bar dues (about $400 a year) and required her to attend a one-month job training in another city, according to a brief filed by the law school.

It’s tough to sue your law school over your unemployment after declining a full-time attorney job. I’m just sayin’.

Beggars can’t be choosers. And they certainly can’t sue their alma mater.

Ryan T. Darby practices civil law in San Diego, and he has never sued his alma mater.


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