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AD 76 Mail: Sherry Hodges GOP piece

Friday, November 2, 2012
posted by Thor's Assistant

click for a larger version


6 Responses to “AD 76 Mail: Sherry Hodges GOP piece”

  1. bax says:

    May we see the Hodges campaign attack mailers targeting Douglas and Chavez?

  2. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    For us to post mail, someone needs to send it our way.

  3. Patricia Madden says:

    Yawn. Is Campaign Assistant Tony still in town? I guess he didn’t get the memo he assisted on another losing campaign. You had to love the memo her consultant sent out that said it was up to GOTV efforts to win. Maybe we should read into this “when you lose I can blame the volunteers.” I bet Tom Shepard is happy he left this sinking ship.

  4. Bax says:

    Spirit of Democracy mailer regarding Hodges. Note the positions on taxes.

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