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What Nathan Missed…

Friday, May 11, 2012
posted by Jeff Powell

Assemblyman Fletcher edited out the last part of the KUSI story in his web video that can be seen below.

No sad music, but here is the rest:


6 Responses to “What Nathan Missed…”

  1. Alger says:

    How many sessions of Congress has Ron Paul missed this year?

  2. Chevy Sam says:

    What Carl Missed…

    DeMaio ads claim pay cut, though salary unchanged

    “DeMaio’s salary stayed the same even in 2009, when most city employees were forced to take a 6 percent pay cut that remains in effect. Council members had discretion over their own pay.”

  3. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy says:

    How many votes has Carl missed? Comparison?

  4. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    UT San Diego compared voting records yesterday…

  5. Bill Choister says:

    Alger – I’m not voting for Ron Paul either.

  6. Bill Choister says:

    2012 (through May 3)

    DeMaio: 1 of 368 (0.3 percent)

    Filner: 98 of 194 (50.5 percent)

    Fletcher: 183 of 347 (52.7 percent)

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