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How do you know?

Friday, May 11, 2012
posted by Jen Jacobs

I haven’t posted in years but this seems like a good time to start again.  If you haven’t yet read Roger Hedgecock’s column in the UT titled How Do You Know?, I suggest you read it.  Then whatever you want to say about the kind of mayor Nathan Fletcher would be, ask yourself, how do you know?

Full disclosure – Carl DeMaio is a long time friend and client.  While I am not involved with his Mayoral campaign, I am responsible for the Independent Super PAC in support of his candidacy.  I also handle public and political relationships for Roger Hedgecock’s national show.


14 Responses to “How do you know?”

  1. Alger says:

    What a hatchet job!!

    “Fletcher not only voted for, but authored legislation raising taxes by an estimated $1 billion.”

    The legislation actually would have CUT TAXES to CALIFORNIA BUSINESSES by $1 billion while remaining revenue neutral. It was actually DeMaio who recently voted for a billion dollar tax increase and gave total control of that money to private interests.

    “Assemblyman Fletcher supported a bill (opposed by most other Republicans) that lifted the cap on redevelopment money for projects downtown, depriving other government agencies like the schools of much-needed revenue.”

    Opposed by most other Republicans, maybe, but not opposed by DeMaio’s biggest donors. In fact, DeMaio didn’t vote against it when it came up for a vote at the City Council. As for depriving schools of much-needed revenue, Hedgecock knows darn well that that statement is a flat-out lie; the State is legally obligated to backfill any tax dollars used for redevelopment.

  2. Owen Kellogg says:


    There is nothing more disingenuous then attacking an opponent for something you also support. In this case I am talking about Nathan Fletcher and the convention center expansion.

  3. Alger says:


    I don’t want to put words in Fletcher’s mouth, but I think his criticism of DeMaio concerning the Convention Center doesn’t concern his position on expansion or even on how to pay for the expansion. I believe his criticism is based on DeMaio’s statements that he would never take political contriibutions from anyone who had or could have business dealings with the City (Fletcher’s support from Police and Firefighters) and the fact that many of DeMaio’s biggest supporter stand to gain immensely from DeMaio’s vote on the Convention Center expansion.

  4. Hugh Akston says:


    That is absolutely not true. Fletcher has continuously hit on DeMaio for “raising $1 billion in taxes” to pay for the convention center. A proposal that he himself supports. That is what is disingenuous and Scott Lewis has called him out several times for it.

  5. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    Doesn’t matter what he said or what he is saying. Fletcher will say something different tomorrow.

  6. Ms. Right says:

    Mr. Schwartz is absolutely correct!

  7. Aynd Rand says:

    Mr. Schwartz hits the nail on the head here.

  8. Jen Jacobs says:

    To all the above – whatever you say about him…

    How do you know?

  9. Mark C says:

    Because some of us know Nathan quite well, Jen Jacobs. And just as you clearly believe in what you know about Carl’s character and convictions, many of us believe just as strongly in what we know to be Nathan’s. And the last person on the planet who should think that he would have the credibility to sway anyone’s opinion would be Roger Hedgecock. To stick with your “how do you know” theme…how do you know that Roger isn’t grandstanding, exaggerating or lying…again? Looks like you will be voting for Carl and I will be voting for Nathan. That we know.

  10. Jen Jacobs says:

    Mark C. Ok tiger. I am sure you have known both candidates longer than I have. So that is what it is.

    This I do know. Roger has 4.2 million weekly listeners and is the number one talk radio show in this area by far. It would seem someone is listening.

  11. markc says:

    Fair enough Jen Jacobs. I’m sure someone is listening…just not me. Thanks for the info though. P.S. Tiger? Really?

  12. Sacramento Sam says:

    Welcome back, Jennifer Jacobs. Here’s hoping many more posts by you will now follow. As usual, you are non-controversial.

  13. Jen Jacobs says:

    Sacramento Sam…let’s get back to what is important. Go Chargers!

  14. Sally says:

    very good article. thanks for sharing.
    I’ve observed first hand his flip-flops and hope the public sees this for what it is: opportunism on Nathan’s part.

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