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Fletcher Facts Launched, Includes Major TV Buy

Monday, May 7, 2012
posted by Greg Larkin

A web-based and television ad campaign launched today called Fletcher Facts, which, according to the website, is “dedicated to finding out the facts about Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, his historical positions on issues, and his voting and political records.”  The effort is said to include a “major TV buy” of advertising time.

The campaign is paid for by “Taxpayers for Carl DeMaio – Mayor 2012,” an independent expenditure.  The website notes the material as not being authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.

Here is the associated TV ad, now running:


23 Responses to “Fletcher Facts Launched, Includes Major TV Buy”

  1. Alger says:

    Does anyone still doubt that DeMaio knows he can’t beat Fletcher in the General Election?

  2. Alger says:

    That commercial epitomizes the reason I have no respect for DeMaio. The man simply lacks even an ounce of integrity:

    1. The “deal” referred to took place in a public session of the legislature.

    2. The “deal” would not have cost the schools one penny as the State was legally obligated to back fill the money that went to Redevelopment.

    3. The “deal” was made at the request of Mayor Sanders. Funny how we never read about that from any of Fletcher’s opponents.

    4. MOST IMPORTNATLY: The people who benefit most from Redevelopment, the developers and the builders, overwhelmingly support DeMaio.

    This is a new low, even for DeMaio.

  3. Brian Bilbray twm says:

    It helps if you cry.

  4. Check your facts Alger says:

    Its not a “DeMaio” ad. Its a SuperPAC ad. Every candidate’s supporters have started their own SuperPAC.

  5. Jen Jacobs says:

    Is Alger a real person?

  6. K. Kenneth Cooper says:

    Alger….the hit-pieces from the so-called “Super PACs” are indeed the biggest PAC…a.k.a. the San Diego Republican Party (backers of DeMaio) and also the California Republican party…and it typifies politics from both parties.

    It would be interesting if one day a law suit was filed against erroneous hit-pieces holding candidates (of both parties) responsible for false advertising just as if someone sent out falsehoods about an individual outside politics (aka: libel and slander)

    That would clean-up politics and also eliminate a lot of the money needed to run for office…because if the advertising was based on facts – it would eliminate half of all advertising and save a lot of trees.

    But how can ANY voter make an informed decisions when the decision is based on innuendos, false information and just pure B.S. ? And people wonder why we have such a messed up political system…it’s based mostly on B.S.

  7. Brian Bilbray twm says:

    Listen, this whole “it’s all BS!!” thing is tired.

    It’s not BS, it actually happened. Most mail piece’s facts are fairly well vetted during oppo. Then they are artfully transmitted and created in the mail piece.

    If voters didn’t like it or use it, there wouldn’t be a business for it.

    It’s effective, it works, stop crying.

  8. Alger says:

    Check Your Facts,

    If you really believe that candidates have no control over what their SuperPac’s do, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you…

  9. Alger says:


    Sorry, but making a claim that bringing more redevolpment dollars to San Diego would have been most beneficial to Fletcher supporters is an outright lie. Devolpers and builders overwhelmingly support DeMaio. I even believe the Associated General Contractors is throwing a fundraiser for DeMaio this week.

    It may be effective and it may work, but it is also dishonest and it is a main reason why voter turnout is so low.

  10. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Excuse us for jumping in and setting the possible tone on the rest of this conversation, but we anticipate some BS coming. For the sake of any Rostra discussion henceforth, candidate committees are candidate committees; independent expenditure (IE) committees are not. Commenters may not like the laws that allow and/or dictate such, which is their right, but we won’t tolerate any suggestions that any candidate and/or IE are doing anything but following those laws. That goes for every candidate and any PAC that may be established to support that candidate. We will assume here, unless otherwise documented and proved to us without a shadow of a doubt, that if the law says no coordination between a candidate committee and a PAC, that the law is being followed. Don’t bore us all with suggestions to the contrary.

  11. Barry Jantz Barry Jantz says:

    Nicely said, TA.

    As for those touting the “humorous” suggestion that a reduction of political mail will save trees, please do tell:

    -What percentage of junk and/or advertising mail every year is made up of political mail?

    -How does the amount of political mail every year compare in wood/paper mass as compared to, say, the amount of unused napkins which get thrown in trash cans at fast food restaurants?

    -How does it compare to the amount of wood needing replacement in structures every year from termite damage?

    Maybe we should pass laws that unused napkins need to be given back to the restaurant and every homeowner check for termites quarterly. That would save a lot of trees.

    Yes, the First Amendment comes with an annoyance factor. It’s a darn spell better than the alternative.

  12. Alger, obviously you have close ties with labor. Perhaps when you describe the collusion of candidates and IE funds, you are basing your assertion on your observations of how the labor unions operate. I won’t deny your experiences, but kindly don’t assume that everyone is as dishonest as labor unions.

    Union dishonesty, back room dealings and collusion constitute a high “standard” — a daunting benchmark indeed for other wannabee law breakers in this political field.

  13. Amy Thoma says:

    “Carl DeMaio and his special interest supporters have launched yet another misleading attack on Nathan Fletcher’s record. During his tenure in Sacramento, Nathan Fletcher has been recognized as one of the sate’s most effective legislators, working with Republicans and Democrats to pass Chelsea’s Law, regulatory reform and tax reform. Contrast that with Carl DeMaio’s record: Divisive and devoid of accomplishment.”
    -Amy Thoma

    A check of the facts is below:

    Narrator: A Sacramento midnight money giveaway.
    Legislation lifting the redevelopment cap was requested by DeMaio’s mayor and was passed by 2/3s of both houses of the legislature after a full debate on the Assembly floor in open session. The measure was signed by the governor 11 days later. (Bill Information, State of California Legislative Information, Accessed: 5/7/12)
    Carl DeMaio refused to ask the Governor to veto the bill. “Frye and Councilwoman Marti Emerald decided to send a letter to the governor anyway. But even DeMaio wouldn’t sign it. Again, as irritated as he was, DeMaio didn’t think it was worth trying to undo.” (Scott Lewis, “Fletcher’s Midnight Deal Still Haunts,” Voice of San Diego, 4/2612)

    Narrator: A secret back room deal engineered by Nathan Fletcher to shift six billion dollars in tax money away from our local schools and into the pockets of downtown insiders.
    Lifting the redevelopment cap would increase tax revenue to schools. “San Diego Unified school board President Richard Barrera said in an interview the dollars the district receives from the agency is in addition to the money the state is required to pay. In short, San Diego schools make out better.” (Liam Dillon, “Fletcher: I Love Schools,” Voice of San Diego, 2/21/11)

    Narrator: Six billion dollars to the same insiders that are funding Fletcher’s campaign.
    Carl DeMaio received more money from city hall lobbyists, developers and insiders than any other candidate. Carl DeMaio received at least $100,000 from real estate and development interests. (,, Accessed 4/6/12)

    Narrator: The San Diego Reader called it a massive subsidy and the Union-Tribune said the tax money would have otherwise gone to schools.
    Lifting the cap increased the amount of money flowing to San Diego. “Bottom line, expanding redevelopment investment will generate more tax revenue for San Diego, not less.” (Lorena Gonzales and Scott Moroni, “Raw Leadership,” UT San Diego, 10/28/10)

    Narrator: Fletcher failed to vote 70 percent of the time this year, but he made sure to vote on his midnight money giveaway.
    No votes were cast by the Assembly on many of the days Fletcher was absent, and it turns out DeMaio’s record for missed votes is far worse than Fletcher’s. More than half the days DeMaio attacks Nathan for being absent, there was no official business on the calendar. (Assembly Daily Files 1/1/12-present)
    Nathan is an effective legislator. He had more than 30 pieces of legislation signed in to law. “According to state legislative records online, Fletcher has authored 25 bills that became law since 2009 and co-authored many more to exceed the 30 pieces of legislation he cited at the forum.” (Keegan Kyle, “Fact Check: Nathan Fletcher’s Legislative Record,” 2/9/12)
    As an Assemblyman Nathan passed more legislation than any other member of the minority party. “Tenure in Assembly notable for his ability to pass legislation despite being a member of the minority political party in Sacramento.” (Craig Gustafson, “Mayoral Candidates Burnish Distinct Images,” UT San Diego, 1/8/12)
    Nathan has more bills signed in to law than average- despite party affiliation. “Still, Fletcher has authored more bills that became law than the average Assembly member, according to an analysis of bills chaptered during his tenure.” (Keegan Kyle, “Fletcher’s Legislative Track Record: Fact Check,” 2/9/12)
    Legislation passed in Sacramento was substantive. Nathan authored substantive pieces of legislation including Chelsea’s Law, tax reform, regulatory relief, support for veterans and adoption reform.
    Bob Filner: 137
    Carl DeMaio: 88
    Nathan Fletcher: 52

  14. Aynd Rand says:

    I assume Ms. Thoma’s latest rant is a pivot away from Fletcher’s decision today to avoid voting on a controversial tax bill in Sacramento. Here’s an article from the Sac Bee describing his dodging an uncomfortable vote.

    Mr. Fletcher reminds me of Ben Stiller’s character (White Goodman) in the movie Dodgeball. Both are masters at “Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge.”

  15. Brian Bilbray twm says:


    Can you back up with data that direct mail, i.e. direct voter contact, is a reason why turnout is so low?

    That’s a blanket statement at best.

    Looking forward to the facts.

    Amy Thoma,

    Looking forward to your press gig with Kim Kardashian’s campaign.

  16. Ms. Right says:

    Miss Thoma, I’m not sure bragging about how many bills Fletcher has been successful in passing is a badge of honor for conservative voters that believe we have way too many laws/regulation already. It just proves he is part of the bill factory in Sacramento.

    Mr Jantz, I always print important items and use paper plates, etc. all of the time, paper comes from the most renewable resource that we can keep planting and planting. Bonus, Americans making paper supplies keep their jobs!

  17. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    “If voters didn’t like it or use it, there wouldn’t be a business for it.”

    Exactly. Voters complain about “junk mail” all the time but they read it. How do I know this? The junk mail producers are thriving.

    This is the problem with the control-freak team: they don’t understand that, in a free society, market forces can regulate taste, efficacy, and desirability better than any bureaucracy can.

    If this information is BS, sue the producers for the information for libel but let’s stop the “voters hate this stuff”. I”m a voter. I’m not stupid. I can throw out that which I do not value.

    Stop treating me like a child.

  18. La Playa Heritage says:

    Nathan Fletcher stole from the poor and Homeless in downtown by the elimination of the former Redevelopmemt Agency (RDA) and CCDC Cap.

    After shown his error in believing in Mayor Sanders, Assembly Member Fletcher ignored the solution for an automatic ministerial approval for the required 10% increase to Affordable Housing set asides from 20 to 30 percent minimum. Fletcher did not consult with communities of needs. The poor and homeless in San Diego lost ALL their leverage with his Midnight deal. Fletcher is on Same Page as Mayor Sanders. Opportunistic behavior.

    In contrast, Councilmember Carl DeMaio stood up for transparancy and the rule of law related to Fletcher, Mayor Sanders, CCDC staff, and outside Counsel abuse of their authority. Fletcher kept Mayor Sanders secret negotiations for months from the RDA Board of Directors our elected City Council, and our elected City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.

    A 10 percent (10%) increase into Affordable Housing Fund from the minimum 20 to 30 percent is $14 million per year x 2 year = $28 million.

    Due to the Midnight Deal with the devil, Nathan Fletcher, Mayor Sanders, CCDC, and the downtown elite stole $28 million in Affordable Housing Funds that could have officially been considered DEBT on the former Redevelopment Agencies (RDA) EOPS/ROPS if they just allow the ministerially approved 10 percent (10%) increase for Affordable Housing. Instead they ignored an easy solution that is now costing the poor and San Diego Taxpayers $28 million.

    In CCDC’s last Budget for Fiscal Year 2012, instead of the required 20 percent minimum for Affordable Housing, CCDC only budgeted one percent (1%). Lame. One good thing about the end of Redevelopment, is that the missing 19% for Affordable Housing in 2012 is now considered an official DEBT on the State’s EOPS/ROPS.

    Stealing from the poor and homeless is not cool. CCDC routinely stole from the poor and Homeless. According to the State Department of Finance (DOF), CCDC’s and the City of San Diego Redevelopment Agency (RDA) insistance that it would be illegal to use RDA Tax Increment (TI) funds pay for Homeless Emergency Shelters and every humanitarian Service required within the Shelters was a large reason why Redevelopment had to end Statewide.

  19. Jim Sills says:

    To a considerable extent the “decline” in voter Turnout is a government-created Illusion, or a non-Trend.

    Local Registrars of Voters used to do a “purge” of the voter file every 2 years (that’s what it was called). Anyone who did not vote in a November Presidential or Gubernatorial year was REMOVED from the voter file… unless they responded to a post card notifying them of the action. That kept the voter file “CLEAN” and current by removing the dead wood.

    Then the late Speaker of the State Assembly, Bob Moretti, changed the State law, blocking most of the purge process.

    As a result, the official list of registered voters is cluttered with people who have not voted here in TEN YEARS, in most cases because they’ve left the County long ago. The Registrars are blocked from taking action, in most cases.

    So with a bloated over-large list of Registered voters, the PERCENTAGE turnout seems to be dropping, but it is just an Illusory trend and phony number.

    Thus we get the beard-stroking Professors explaining the angst of 21st century life, and how negative campaigning is reducing voter interest.

    Bunk! Or as Howard Jarvis would say, “That’s just so much Compost.”

  20. Alger says:


    My intent was not to accuse anyone of breaking the law although in retrospect that’s clearly what I did so I apologize. I do hope however that you would admit that a candidate could certainly stop untruthful IE’s, if he wanted to, by publicly disavowing the message.


    And yes, the same standard should be applied to Labor’s IE’s.


    Sorry. I can’t back up that statement with anything other than common sense which tells me that negativism and lies tend to turn people off.

    Brian Brady,

    Do you think it is ok to use false and misleading advertising to sell a commercial product? If not, why is ok to use those tactics to sell a candidate.

  21. La Playa Heritage says:

    “San Diego Unified school board President Richard Barrera said in an interview the dollars the district receives from the agency is in addition to the money the state is required to pay. In short, San Diego schools make out better.” (Liam Dillon, “Fletcher: I Love Schools,” Voice of San Diego, 2/21/11).

    San Diego Unified school board President Richard Barrera comments about the school district receiving extra money and making out better starting this September 2012 is due to the the 1992 Agreement for Cooperation for Tax Sharing Payments. The 1992 Agreement, passed when Congressman Bob Filner was Deputy Mayor of San Diego, allowed for the 4x increase to the size of CCDC’s Project Area to the whole of downtown San Diego.

    Nathan Fletcher tried to take credit for the $11.5 million increase in Tax Sharing Payments to the San Diegu Unified School District from the current 4.0 percent ($4.7 million) to 13.6 percent ($16.3 million) this year (see Page 6).

    The tale that Fletcher´s bill had anything to do with schools making out better through his SB-863 Legislation should be corrected to reflect the truth instead of Fletcher´s spin that he somehow increased future Tax Sharing Payments or he has single handingly helped school children.

    Also see Pages 7 to 9 for the September 17, 2010 (before SB-863 in early October 2010) Memorandum from City Council Persons Carl DeMaio and Donna Frye and their request for an audit of the Tax Sharing Payments and planned increases to the County and Schools, and the use of the County Tax Sharing funds for solving our dire Homeless problem immediately.

  22. GREAT info, Jim.

    Talk about waste! The Dems passed a law to force taxpayers to cut down forests of trees to print voter guides and ballots to mail to people who don’t live there, don’t live PERIOD, don’t vote, or some combination thereof.

    Only the loggers, the printers and the post office can be pleased about this. Just plain goofy.

  23. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Blowing Up Indeed: 1,453 unique visitors to Rostra yesterday, over 2,500 page views! Biggest single day. The season must be in home stretch!

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