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CRP mailing aids Scott Sherman in the “open” San Diego 7th City Council District

Thursday, May 3, 2012
posted by Jim Sills

The California Republican Party sent this mailer in support of District 7 native  Scott  Sherman, the endorsed  D7  city council candidate.  District 7 is  “open” since incumbent Marti Emerald  fled relocated to the new 9th District  drawn by the   Kangaroo Court    Redistricting Commission in 2011.   Patrick Henry High School  football veteran Scott Sherman is a successful local businessman.  And yes, Sports Fans, where you went to High School  still matters in District 7 !     Sherman is also endorsed by former D7 Councilwoman  Judy McCarty (1985-2000), Kevin Faulconer, Lorie Zapf, Jerry Sanders, Nathan Fletcher and State legislators Joel Anderson and Brian Jones.


DISCLOSURE:   Scott Sherman for City Council is a client.


33 Responses to “CRP mailing aids Scott Sherman in the “open” San Diego 7th City Council District”

  1. Alger says:

    Mat Kostrinsky also went to Patrick Henry High School and yes, he also played football for the Patriots.

  2. Aynd Rand says:

    Scott will make an excellent City Councilmember. He’s been working hard and it shows when you drive around and see all the Sherman signs in the community.

  3. Alger says:


    On what do you base your statement that “Scott will make an excellent City Councilmember?”

  4. Brian Bilbray twm says:

    Probably the simple fact he’s not a union organizer, like Kostrinsky.

  5. I thought the mail pieces was “interesting” and curious that Jim made the decision not to post both sides of the mail piece. Didn’t matter to me.

    Though, I thought the best part of the mail piece was the other side. I did like the underlining of the words, red swirl lines, nice touch and made them jump out. They also used every worn out catch phrase in a mail piece. Maybe there are still a couple unused words left. Looking forward to it. It was a great use of the polling.

    However, I have to give it to these consultants where they have me as union organizer and downtown insider. I can’t think of that combination before being used, genius you are, just genius! I must be organizing those downtown insiders, many of those same downtown insiders Republicans voted for recently to council and those some interests that are now being asked to donate to Scott’s campaign. Is this like Carl, where he condemns someone with one side of the mouth and on the other sides asks for their money.

    I have said my two cents and look forward to the spin and negative attacks against me for all the wrongs in the world cast onto me in the comments to follow.

    P.S. – I won’t be relying to comments that follow in this posting. Back to talking to voters who have not yet made up their minds!

  6. #SomeonesBitter says:


    If the mail piece didn’t matter to you, why take the time to write a whole rant about it?

  7. Union Organizer? says:

    So you’re saying you are not a political insider or a union organizer even though your entire professional life has been working in politics or union organizing? I am not following. Can you explain?

  8. Chris Hansen says:

    Kostrinsky – come on man. Grammar, syntax and spell check would lend you some credibility here. That was just brutal.

  9. Aynd Rand says:

    I hope Mr Kostrinsky is not writing his own mail pieces. That was painful to read at several levels.

    Also, posting on blogs as a candidate is just a silly waste of time. Whining about an opponent’s mail piece also shows you are thin skinned IMO.

  10. Brian Bilbray twm says:

    How can you guys bash him on his spelling, syntax, grammar…etc when his name is MAT. He was named with a missing T!

    It’s not his fault, he was born that way.

  11. What are you doing in these videos Mat? says:


    Since you are saying you are not a union organizer, will you tell the public what is going on in these videos?:

  12. District7 Voter says:

    Speaking of videos… How does Sherman explain this one?

  13. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    District7Voter… We have a long-standing commenter on Rostra that goes by D7 Voter. We’d ask that you consider an alternative handle, so as not to confuse the two of you. Thanks.

  14. Spin Zone says:

    You mean the video put together by Mat to show Sherman has the support of those who know he will give them a fair and reasonable hearing based on the merits of the projects, instead of based on what the unions tell him to do, like Mat? The video is self-explanatory.

  15. Alger says:


    So are you saying that anyone who has never worked for a highly respected U.S. senator, never worked for the Chamber of Commerce and never spearheaded the building of a community park would make an excellent City Council Member?

  16. Sacramento Sam says:


    Translation from the original Algerese dialect follows next. “Being a go-fer for Dianne Feinstein, and taking credit for a park an entire neighborhood fought for, qualifies a candidate for the city council.”

  17. Alger says:

    Sac Sam,

    An entire neighborhood except for Scott Sherman. He was AWOL on that one. In fact, he had been pretty much AWOL on anything community related until he decided (or DeMaio and Boling decided for him) he was ready to be a City Council Member in the Country’s 8th largest city.

  18. D7 Voter says:

    In this instance there is truth to what both Alger and Sacramento Sam say. Kostrinsky was very involved for a long time, along with many others, on the park issue.

    Both these guys are long time residents that went to Henry (very cool!), and know the neighborhoods well. Very different obviously on their political leanings. Should be an interesting barometer as to what our communities are thinking.

    TA – thanks for the note to District7Voter — I’m not too worried. I know who I am. And if they write something spectacular that everyone loves, maybe readers will think it was me. 🙂

  19. Many people think it’s important that a person has “experience” in order to hold office. I disagree. Indeed, too often, the more time a person has spent at the government trough, the less likely they will favor limiting government.

    All I want to know is what they are going to DO once in office. What they will do to expand or contract government, who their allegiances are to, and what policies they will support or oppose.

    REGARDESS of your political ideas of what you want government to do for you or to you — whether you are liberal or conservative — the choice between Mat Kostrinsky and Scott Sherman could not be more clear.

    Mat’s primary role will be to support (and in turn be supported by) the labor unions. He will strongly oppose any reforms that weaken labor unions or limit worker compensation, lip service notwithstanding. His “experience” speaks for itself.

    Scott will be a fiscal hard-nose supporting the critically needed city reforms that benefit ALL the voters and the taxpayers. And THAT is what I call true community service!

    To each his own, Alger. We know your preference in such instances. And you know mine.
    Do You mean that creating jobs in the Private Sector, as
    Scott Sherman has, counts as real ‘community service”?

    Jim Sills

  20. Jim, I get your point. But government should not be in the business of CREATING jobs in EITHER the public or private sector.

    They just need to stop STIFLING private sector job creation. Provide basic government services and get the hell out of the way.
    Agreed, and Mr. Sherman must see daily examples of your points in his chosen field of Insurance.

    Jim Sills

  21. Alger says:


    I guess Kostrinsky’s time working for the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t count. Choosing a candidate to vote for would certainly be easier if they all fit into the neat little boxes you try to place them in. Unfortunately most, especially Kostrinsky, are a little more complicated. No worries though, you can just continue to check the box marked R and accuse anyone with a D next to their name of being an anti- business, freedom-hating Socialist. It certainly beats having to think critically.

  22. Concerned says:

    Alger has had some points so I stopped by Mr. Shermans house while walking the dog and asked him about community involvement.

    This is what I can remember of what he said.

    He volunteered his time two night’s a week for ten years at the YMCA teaching martial arts. He has helped raise a couple hundred thousand for charities like Make-A-Wish, children’s convalescent hospital, Burn Institute, operation home front, wounded warrior and some others I don’t recall. He also mentioned taking kids of deployed military families and wounded warriors out fishing to help them forget what they are going through. He was even cookie chairman of his daughters brownie troop.

    Sounds like some community service to me. I’m close to making up my mind and I think Sherman will get my vote.

  23. Oh come on, Alger, be honest. As YOU know far BETTER than I, the C of C is NOT a fiscally conservative outfit. Far from it.

    Too often the C of C supports tax increases, bonds and ESPECIALLY business subsidies. Most recently they supported the San Diego Prop D sales tax.
    And such Big Government support by the C of C is more the rule than the exception.

    The C of C board has VERY few people involved in “commerce” as most of us think of it. Apparently their top priority is more government construction contracts. They NEVER oppose any proposal that includes such contracts.

    The San Diego Regional C of C (like ALL big city C of C’s) is far removed from the Tea Party movement — and usually on the other side.

    The C of C MIGHT be considered pro-business (if being for big business subsidies is construed as “pro-business”), but it DAMN sure is not much of a supporter of the free market.

    As to being simplistic and picking folks just because of party designation, I’m sure you do that FAR more often than I do.

    Republicans know only too well that I’m not a mindlessly loyal foot soldier. Just ask Brian Maienschein, Mayor Sanders, or the County Supervisors.

    Alger, the only time you would support an R is if the D has no chance because of gerrymandering — and the RINO will likely play ball with the unions. It is YOU who ably represents the voting simpleton here.

  24. Gwendolyn says:

    In summing up the race between community activist, Mat Kostrinsky, and businessman, Scott Sherman, I pose the

    “Parable of the Haircut”:

    One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you; I’m doing community service this week.’ The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

    Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you; I’m doing community service this week.’ The cop was happy and left the shop. The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.

    Then a Republican Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you. I’m doing community service this week.’ The Congressman was very happy and left the shop. The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Republican Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.

    That, my friends, succinctly shows the difference between Mat Kostrinsky and Scott Sherman.

  25. Sophomoric Jokes says:

    So, now we’re using aged dumb jokes that could be applied to any party to make credible points? Dumb.

  26. THIS is Gwendolyn’s “A game”??? Thanks for playing.

    Everyone here has heard that stale joke long ago and many times — only the political parties were rightly reversed — so to speak.

    Now for my turn at bat:

    Speaking of greedy politicians and barber shops — the U.S. Senate barber shop recently got a $300,000 federal bailout to keep it going. No, this is NOT a joke.

    The barbers are unionized making $70K-$80K each, plus lavish benefits compared to any barber in America. In contrast, the U.S. House of Representatives has privatized their barber shop, and no subsidy is needed. Their barbers are paid $22-$30K.

    Don’t feel TOO sorry for the House barbers — doubtless both houses’ barbers pocket tips while sometimes “forgetting” to report the income.

    Oh, BTW, which party controls the House — and which the Senate? Doubtless just a coincidence.

  27. Alger says:


    So the Chamber of Commerce is not a pro-business group? Seriously?

    As for voting records, I guarantee that I have voted many more times for Republicans (and not only in partisan gerrymandered races as you imply) than you have voted for Democrats.

  28. Alger says:


    Thanks for the information. I will still be supporting Kostrinsky because I believe his overall experience makes him the better candidate, but I do feel more comfortable with the possibility of a Sherman victory.

  29. Gwendolyn says:

    Yes, indeed, Mat Kostrinsky has more overall community experience than Sherman. Mat has already established a track record of working to benefit those in his community.

    Where does Sherman list his comparable accomplishments? I only see what he plans to do.

    What you see is what you get, and I like what I see in Mat Kostrinsky. .

  30. Alger says:


    You talk about Republicans you have opposed in the past. It is easy to be against someone or something. Can you list Democrats that you have supported?

  31. Good point Alger. Sorta.

    Offhand I can’t think of a Democrat I have actually supported. But then, I’ve “supported” very few Republicans over the years. Remember, I became a (rather unreliable) GOP soldier only last Spring. Mostly I have supported Libertarians until recently.

    I CAN say that I’ve always been a fan of Donna Frye. And repeatedly said so publicly.

    Indeed, looking at San Diego city council officials from the time of Bruce Henderson to the arrival of your nemesis Carl DeMaio, I have stated that I consider Donna Frye to be the best San Diego council critter of the crop — Democrat or Republican. But I didn’t “support her” PER SE.

    After all, it’s awful hard to find a Democrat who opposes tax increases.

    Keep me posted on any Democrats who actually oppose tax increases, and I’ll SINCERELY consider supporting them.

    Sadly, on the other hand, I have found no shortage of Republicans who too often DO support tax increases — especially on the local level. At least until recently.

  32. Alger, I once came before the C of C board to oppose a statewide library sales tax. I asked the members a question at the start — “How many of you are in a business where a substantial portion of your business income comes from revenue subject to the sales tax?” Of the roughly 38 members, SIX hands when up. There was an audible gasp even among the board members.

    Most on the board were lobbyists, lawyers, accountants, nonprofit officials, utility, reps, government officials — even a labor union member or two.

    The ONLY question they wanted answered by the proponent was this — “Will the library construction contracts be worth as least as much as the sales tax collected locally?” Once they had an affirmative answer to that SINGLE question, they voted OVERWHELMINGLY to support the sales tax — reportedly about 29 to 6.

    BTW, we beat the tax in the statewide election. Once again the C of C was on the wrong side.

    While the C of C is MADE UP of many businesses involved in commerce, the board does NOT represent the general membership.

  33. Alger, again and again you seem to confuse “pro business” with the limited government, free market viewpoint. Shucks, YOU and the construction unions are “pro business” (well, pro UNIONIZED-businesses).

    And like other such business “rent seekers,” you seek to use government to get through coercion what you can’t win in the free market through voluntary exchange.

    Are you in the C of C? On the board, perhaps?

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