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U-T San Diego: To Fletcher — What does ‘move to the middle’ mean?

Saturday, April 28, 2012
posted by Steve Gramm


From U-T San Diego editorial about Nathan Fletcher:

These are important questions because the answers will tell us whether we are dealing with a man of principle who as mayor would stand up for what he believes without concern for the political fallout, or just the opposite – a man who is merely angling for political advantage without concern for the principles many of us thought we shared with him.

We don’t yet know the answer.


The entire editorial is linked here.


14 Responses to “U-T San Diego: To Fletcher — What does ‘move to the middle’ mean?”

  1. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Fletcher’s response…

  2. Beau Woolworth says:

    I’m not sure who this Rachel Laing person is to the Fletcher campaign. I’ve never heard of her, but she does have a nice smile on facebook – even if her hair is covering her eye like an emo high school student.

    According to her post on the UT article referenced above:

    ” …it is the ultimate act of loyalty to put service to the people who elect you.”

    It would’ve been great if Nathan “put service to the people” by showing up to Sacramento and standing up for San Diego.

    Maybe it wouldn’t have kept the labor union happy. But hey, Lorena is gonna be pissed regardless. Apparently the only good councilmember is Councilmember Gonzalez-Bradford.

  3. The Reader’s Matt Potter published an interesting this item Friday about the Movement to the Middle:

    Firm of “Movement to the Middle” Leader Seeks Favors at City Hall

    On Wednesday, Scott Dickey, president of the Competitor Group, led a news conference at the Registrar of Voters office in Kearny Mesa to announce formation of “Movement to the Middle,” a group whose members say they are renouncing their political party affiliations.

    “We are no longer willing to accept the partisan gridlock and gamesmanship we see at all levels of our government.” Dickey said, making no secret of his admiration for Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, the former Republican who has taken leave of his party in the midst of his San Diego mayoral campaign.

    Each year, the Competitor Group runs the lucrative Rock ‘n Roll Marathon through San Diego city streets, and the company has been highly dependent on the cooperation of local officials for subsidies, event permits, and police assistance.

    Dickey and his firm came under scrutiny in February 2009 after the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that a Competitor Group subsidiary, Elite Racing, Inc, had profited handsomely from San Diego taxpayer subsidies and what the paper called questionable payouts from a related tax-exempt corporation.

    In a May 2009 follow-up, the U-T reported that Elite had “improperly benefited from more than $340,000 of public subsidies and grants,” and had agreed to return the money to settle the matter. . . .

    The rest here.

  4. Erik says:

    Rachel Laing is a former press official for Jerry Sanders who now works on the lobbying side of the house for Tom Shepard who is……Nathan’s campaign guy.

    Welcome to San Diego, where Cedar Rapids Small town thinking meets Baton Rogue-levels of incentous insider baseball.

    Erik: licentious or incestuous? Or is that a combination of both? – TA

  5. Rachel Laing says:


    The fact that you opened your attack on Nathan with commentary on my physical appearance tells me everything I need to know about your credibility.

  6. Jim Sills says:

    I don’t grasp how San Diego = equals = Baton Rouge because Ms. Rachel Laing can effectively Multi-Task.

    Most SD Rostra regulars (posters and commenters alike) also Multi-Task. People with the energy and guts to enter the Fray are worthy of our Respect. I respect everybody on this Thread.

  7. Erik says:

    TA – yes. Incestuous. The failure to spell check my rostra posts – always a downfall.

  8. Beau Woolworth says:


    I apologize for offending you. I was recently informed that it is called a “side bang” and is very trendy.

    In response to @RachelLaing: If you had read on in the post (which you were understandably disinclined to do), you might have noted my response to your thoughts.

    My response seemed valuable. I suppose sans the hairstyle comment, it would still have been met with reproach?

  9. Rachel Laing says:


    Not to worry. I wasn’t offended. It’s incredibly juvenile and disrespectful to open an argument with a little jab at both the relevancy of what I say because I’m not well-known and my appearance, but I suspect you did it to distract other readers from the weakness of your point.

    But the answer is no, your comment would not have been met with reproach had it been delivered without juvenile sniping. But it was, and that’s a message unto itself.

    As to Fletcher’s absence from that vote, I believe his campaign addressed that question when they tallied and compared the number of missed votes by DeMaio, Filner and Fletcher. I recognize it as just a reality of politics that some attention gets diverted away from one’s current position in the campaign for the next one. There’s no getting around that for any of the candidates. DeMaio’s campaign and the Republicans are the ones who are bringing it up to fling at Fletcher, when clearly DeMaio’s record is no better.

    As noted here, DeMaio dashed off a memo demanding a discussion of problems in the water billing system, but it turned out he was absent for the very discussion he was demanding when it took place the month prior:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

  10. Hi Rachel,
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

    If politicians, consultants and journalists followed that advice, we’d have nothing to talk about. 😉

  11. Rachel Laing says:

    Ha. So true, Brad.

  12. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    So Rachel, you believe people are upset because he missed a vote or do you think it had to do with the vote he missed?

  13. Rachel Laing says:

    Michael Schwartz:

    I think they are exploiting the missed vote for political purposes. Certainly there was no practical reason for Fletcher to have skipped the debate for the vote. As the U-T San Diego noted:

    “His absence did not influence the outcome because majority Democrats pushed through the legislation by a wide margin. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill Thursday. ”

  14. Michael A. Schwartz says:

    Rachel, of course his opponents are exploiting his mistake. Why wouldn’t they? It is a mistake that I am sure you would exploit if your paycheck were coming from a different place. Am I right?

    The reason for questioning this issue isn’t because anyone is under the impression that the outcome would have been different had he voted. We can all count. It is because he has done a lot recently that is specifically geared towards winning a campaign and we want to know where he stands this week.
    He spent months trying to convince the Republican Central Committee that he was a conservative Republican, but for the benefit of his campaign he changed his mind after the local GOP went with a better candidate. So now has he changed his mind on this and that is why he is not voting on it? Or is he courting a new group of supporters since the Central Committee decided Carl DeMaio will be the better mayor?

    Let me ask…which is more disingenuous? Asking why he skipped a vote? Or pretending that people are upset simply because there was a vote he missed and then pointing out that some Republicans missed the vote too (as if anyone is unsure of where they stand).

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