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Filner Flops In An Ugly Campaign Week

Saturday, April 14, 2012
posted by Tony Manolatos

Politics & Media Mashup: A look at this week’s local political coverage

They say a good writer knows when to get out of the way of a good story. So rather then comment on this entertaining Investigative Newsource story — Bob Filner Misses the Boat on the Port — I will just encourage you to read it, and then watch Filner’s attempt at damage control:

Now read this response from Investigative Newsource. And just in case you still think Bob was just having a bad day, here is what he says in today’s U-T San Diego about his phantom pension plan:

In an April 6 interview, Filner said a fiscal analysis of the plan has been completed which is how he knows how much it will save. When asked why he doesn’t release the analysis, he replied: “Because I’ve chosen not to.”

Filner also reiterated that the plan would be made public soon. “You’ll get it before the election,” he said. Filner then added, “I hope so.”

A new poll pushed by the Nathan Fletcher campaign suggests Filner might want to step up his game. I have heard all about what a great campaigner Filner is and how he would be so tough to beat, but so far I’ve mostly seen someone who is uninterested, uninformed and unapologetic.

This past week was easily the ugliest in the race for San Diego Mayor. Fletcher kicked things off with a video attacking Carl DeMaio. By the end of the week, Bonnie Dumanis called Fletcher a hypocrite. I’m pretty sure that’s the first shot Dumanis has taken so far. Fletcher’s campaign then called the Dumanis campaign a failure.

Not to be left out, the local GOP chair blasted Fletcher on Friday for missing a vote in Sacramento and promised there would be more attacks. Team Fletcher responded: “Local Republican Party chair Tony Krvaric continues to play the political games that helped drive Nathan Fletcher from the party last month. In an email to San Diego Republicans, Tony Krvaric distorted the facts and misled voters. It’s shameful.”

San Diego Rostra clearly is benefiting from all the vitriol. Rostra has become the battleground for mayoral hopefuls. That’s good for business, but since it’s the weekend I want to leave you with this:


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Tony Manolatos is a communications strategist. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedInYou can hear Tony talk politics and media with KOGO’s LaDona Harvey every Friday at 2:35 p.m. on AM 600 and FM 95.7.

10 Responses to “Filner Flops In An Ugly Campaign Week”

  1. Filner has for most of his life run in gerrymandered districts. He hasn’t run a real race in decades without the advantage of incumbency.

    He’s old, he’s complacent, he’s arrogant and — most of all — he’s clueless about the race he’s gotten himself into.

    The one mayoral candidate who is totally incapable of winning the mayoral election is Bob Filner. All three of his opponents PRAY they are paired up with him in a runoff. Bob Filner is the most overrated politician in the county.

  2. Alger says:

    “All three of his opponents PRAY they are paired up with him in a runoff.”

    You are correct and the same would be true of DeMaio. Either Fletcher or Dumanis will win the General Election if one of them can make the run-off.

  3. Mike Slater says:

    I’m pretty sure we’re bigger than the Port of Atlanta (2:15).

    The Port of Atlanta has had some trouble in recent years, being 250 miles away from the coast and all.

  4. Brian Brady Brian Brady says:

    “I’m pretty sure we’re bigger than the Port of Atlanta ”

    I hope Filner doesn’t try to build a floating port in El Centro. That would costs a lot of money.

  5. If there was a like button for comments I would click on Mike’s comment.

  6. Erik says:

    I think Tony gets post of the year for figuring out how to include Elvis C in a post. He gets post of the decade if he can next work in Warren Zevon and Joe Jackson for the all time 1990s alt-singer/songwriter trifecta.

  7. Best line of the interview, at 1:45: “This is a central part of your campaign. Isn’t it important to make sure you’ve got all those numbers right?”

    Kudos to the KPBS interviewer for making the case for accuracy so well.

    Debit to Filner for brushing it aside.

  8. sick of it says:

    “He’s old, he’s complacent, he’s arrogant and — most of all — he’s clueless.”


  9. Thanks, Eric!

    I have no idea how I will incorporate Warren Zevon and Joe Jackson into a post, but I will certainly try.


  10. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Is she really going out with werewolves?

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