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Water not so sweet

Thursday, January 5, 2012
posted by Thor's Assistant

From the UT…

“Calling it perhaps the worst case of public corruption uncovered on her watch, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis on Wednesday announced 26 felony charges against four current and former South Bay schools officials…”

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2 Responses to “Water not so sweet”

  1. This post, by Barry Jantz, also deserves a mention with the U-T coverage.

    From Oct. 2010:

    Well done, Barry!

  2. Barry Jantz Barry Jantz says:

    Thanks, Tony, I was humbled to be included as a San Diego County Taxpayers Association Media Wachdog finalist for that post. But, lest we forget, the “winner” of the Grand Fleece last year (for fleecing the taxpayers) was none other than the Sweetwater Union High School District. With the Union-Trib and SDCTA piling it on, maybe it was only a matter of time for the DA’s office to act.

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