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Occupy: It’s about entitlement

Friday, October 14, 2011
posted by Vito Andolini


6 Responses to “Occupy: It’s about entitlement”

  1. Jefferson says:

    I think the sign isn’t about entitlements as much as it’s about TARP.

  2. Vito says:

    Entitlements? Entitlement, as in having a sense of.

  3. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    As expected, we’ve had some complaints about this post, that one sign out of thousands is not representative of the Occupy protesters. Exactly…

  4. Tony Krvaric says:

    Yeah, it’s unfair to pick one sign out like that. Here are a few more from my walk-through earlier this week.

  5. Thor's Assistant Thor's Assistant says:

    Portland Occupy Protesters sing “F**K the USA,” but it doesn’t really represent the Occupy peeps, this is just an anomaly…

  6. Don’t complain too strongly about this “F**K the USA” song. We want these doped up dimwits to show their true colors. This is GREAT!

    Keep it going, morons. Burn a U.S. flag or two while you’re at it.

    BTW, if this is not the typical thinking of the Occupy movement, where are they protesting the song in this video? No one is trying to stop them from “singing” their song. As I said, this blundering tells us volumes about this bunch.

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