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Tuesday, April 5, 2011
posted by Assemblyman Brian Jones


by Assemblyman Brian Jones

From FlashReport – April 5, 2011

I have to chuckle at how the media is making a concerted, if not a silly effort to declare the Republican Party “dead” in California.  But from the comments I am getting from my constituents in Eastern San Diego County, they are pretty darn happy we are alive and kicking some “you-know-what” up here in Sacramento.

The press thinks we are a “dying minority party.”  Why?  Because we haven’t naively fallen in line with the Democrat’s game plan – which will do nothing but drive the state deeper in debt?

I don’t think so.

If it weren’t so tragic, it would be mildly humorous.  I’m not, however, going to lose sight of those who are suffering because California’s fiscal house is in the toilet.  Nor am I going to forget that that it was done at the hands of a majority who has had a persistent and contemptible disregard for other people’s money.

Now the media has unabashedly jumped on the Democrat’s bandwagon and blamed us for the mess.  I, for one, refuse to accept fault because I’m not willing to stick the public with the job that we were elected to do.

Two weeks ago, the Assembly voted on a package of cuts totaling $11.2 billion.   During the debate, there was so much vitriol directed towards Republicans that it was palpable.

Why?  The Democrats got exactly what they wanted and I think they suddenly realized that being completely in charge isn’t all that much fun.  It kind of reminds me of the kid who has a temper tantrum on Christmas morning because the bike he’d asked for is the wrong color.

Let’s remember that the Democrats wanted the Republicans to get out of the way.  We were the “obstructionists.”  Well, we are out of the way and it is simply not enough.  They want to call all the shots, but they want us to give them cover for the tough stuff.

Here are the facts:   the Democrats put the proverbial pedal to the metal as they drove the bus toward the cliff – spending with abandon and expanding programs right and left.  With that came the expansion of the pool of public employees, not to mention the unfunded liability of their health and pension benefits that are at unsustainable levels.

In spite of repeated warnings to shift back, they sped full steam ahead towards a weakening economy.   Now, not only do they want the Republicans to make it all better – they want you pay for it!  What it is about “other people’s money” that they don’t get?

Not only is the state broke, it is broken, too.   Frankly, I am sick and tired of reading that the Republicans have not contributed to the process.   Let’s be honest: the Governor and the Democrats just don’t like our ideas.   The bottom line is their sacred cows never even made it to the table.

We Republicans, though, are expected to put up ours for sacrifice.   We don’t like taxes.  They don’t like anything that would take a scintilla of power away from public employee unions – whether it is in the form of pension reform or a prohibition of earmarking union dues to political candidates.   I personally challenged the Governor on this one.  I told him that if he wanted to put taxes before the people for a vote, let’s also put up paycheck protection.  I am not afraid of what the voters will say.  Is he?

The debate has never been honest, nor has it ever been genuine.  That is coming from a real, live, no-where-near dead Republican.



  1. Kudos to Brian Jones and his fellow GOP legislators, for having held the line on taxes. Someone may still cave, but this time it looks like they won’t. Yeah, we’ll still have the tax increases on the ballot (thanks to the unions), but at least the increases will not have GOP fingerprints on it.

    Funny that the left first says that GOP legislators voting to give the citizens a chance to raise their taxes is not the same as ENDORSING such taxes. Then after the vote, they like to pretend that the GOP is in agreement on raising taxes, since some of them voted to put it on the ballot — “a deal has been reached.”

    Not this time. Hang tough, Brian ET AL.

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