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Earth’s New Equator after 2012 Pole Shift

Thursday, March 3, 2011
posted by Vito Andolini

Uhhh…and they say Rostrafarians are a bit off:

Read some of the comments.


One Response to “Earth’s New Equator after 2012 Pole Shift”

  1. Wager, anyone? ANYONE?

    Being the big risk taker, I’ll back the old school view that in 2012 the poles will remain pretty much where they are now. Shucks, I’ll even spot ya odds. 10 to 1 sound fair?

    But the bet must be for at least $10,000 (a bother to do legally), and the funds escrowed. My grand kid needs new shoes. Or, in this case, a new snowmobile.

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