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Escondido Picks New Councilmember

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last night, the Escondido city council unanimously supported former high school boardmember, Michael Morasco, to fill the vacant council seat.    It only took one motion and vote to confirm Morasco, who applied along with 24 other candidates to fill the seat vacated by Sam Abed when he became mayor.

See the story HERE.

Many qualified candidates were interested in the position, including Kevin Svetich, a longtime Escondido Chamber of Commerce leader and John Masson, a local civil engineer.  Both have been active in community for many years.

Morasco brings indepth experience as an elected official, having been elected to three terms on the Escondido Union High School District board.   He currently owns his own successful  physical therapy business.

Politically, Morasco is solidly conservative.  He will join Mayor Abed, and councilmembers Gallo and Waldron on a fiscal and socially conservative board.


3 Responses to “Escondido Picks New Councilmember”

  1. Barry Jantz Barry Jantz says:

    Congrats, Marie, on an outstanding selection!

  2. JoeCollins says:

    In the midst of far out, very liberal, almost bankrupt, California, Escondido remains as a Conservative Oasis. Well done, City Council. Well done.

  3. Jim Sills says:

    Congratulations. The voters of Escondido spoke
    in November when they elected Sam Abed, Ed
    Gallo and yourself [Marie Waldron was the # 1
    vote-getter with 11,977) !

    This appointment further ratifies that mandate.

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