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Much to the dismay of environmental attorney Marco Gonzalez, fireworks will illuminate the sky over La Jolla Cove this July 4.

San Diegans sorta have Superior Court Judge Linda Quinn to thank for this. As a refresher, back in May Quinn ruled that the annual fireworks display was subject to the California Environmental Quality Act of 1970. The ruling put the event in jeopardy as organizers would have needed to be granted an emergency appeal in order for the show to go on — something that was considered unlikely. Yet, Judge Quinn eventually issued a reprieve and the ruling was put on hold for 90 days.


Texas Governor Rick Perry loves using California as a punching bag when touting  his economic policies, but that isn’t stopping some Californians from encouraging him to run for the presidency.

Bob Schuman, a San Diego based GOP political consultant, filed paperwork with the IRS last week to start a 527 organization called Americans for Rick Perry (A4RP). Schuman is working with a very prominent Houston firm to, among other things, fundraise on Governor Perry’s behalf until he decides whether he’ll throw his hat into the ring. Schuman told Roll Call in a telephone interview that A4RP is hoping to raise $500,000 before August 1.


There is another San Diego connection to the horrific tragedy that occurred in Arizona. TPM reported earlier today that Reuben Cahn, Executive Director of the Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc. (FDSDI), has agreed to be appointed to represent Jared Lee Loughner.

According to the FDSDI website, they are  a “private, non-profit corporation based in San Diego with a branch office in El Centro, California, representing indigent persons accused of federal criminal offenses. A thirteen-member Board of Directors oversees our daily operation. We are independent from the local federal judiciary and funded by a sustaining grant awarded by Congress under the Criminal Justice Act.”

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Does Lorie Zapf Hate Cats?

Monday, October 18, 2010
posted by Diana Palacios

Well, according to the most bizarre political mailer I have ever encountered, the answer to that question is unknown.

The 6” x 11” mailer (which was obtained from a registered Democrat) features a black and white  photograph of Zapf with an elongated nose

“Vote No on Zapf!” exclaims the header.

Below it is a paragraph that is so poorly written, it made me question the authenticity of the piece.


‘Tis the Season for Political Mailers, Again

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
posted by Diana Palacios

Every day since June 8 – the date of the California primary – I have been disappointed.

Not for the obvious reasons, such as the fact that Recovery Summer failed to produce a recovery and/or a summer in San Diego, but because of something trivial that someone who is not a political junkie would not understand.

I stopped receiving those glossy two-sided pieces of entertainment known as campaign mailers.

As some Rostrafarians may recall, my mailbox was literally overflowing with these things just a few months ago. By the end of the primary season, I had received over 70 items of mail – with the largest percentage coming from the Lorie Zapf campaign and the Lincoln Club (Zapf supporters).


A local San Diego veterinarian recently informed me about an issue that veterinarians across the country are having with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) accreditation process.

Accreditation by the USDA is required for any veterinarian wishing to issue health certificates for animals traveling between states or out of the country. In the past, once a vet  was accredited, they were set for life. However, in an effort to reform their system, the USDA is now requiring that every veterinarian who has been accredited in the past to reapply. The problem is that because the USDA asked 100,000+ veterinarians to do the same thing at the same time, they are now overwhelmed with the task. Practitioners who submitted applications months ago still have not even received an acknowledgment that their documentation was received.


According to data obtained from (the federal government’s official American Recovery and Reinvestment Act website), San Diego County’s five congressional districts were awarded a combined total of $1,712,455,003  in stimulus funds during the first quarter of 2010. In this same time period, stimulus recipients reported that in exchange for the awarded tax dollars, 1,955.3 jobs were created.  So, after doing a bit of long division, this Rostrafian has concluded that it takes approximately $875,801 to create 1 job in San Diego.

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Amigos De Carly

Monday, June 28, 2010
posted by Diana Palacios

Over the weekend, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina announced the launch of her campaign’s new Spanish-language website, Amigos De Carly, at a town hall event that was centered around Hispanic issues. The website was also promoted today on Twitter, which is where I learned of its inception.


Seventeen days in and fifty pieces of primary mail later, one thing is for certain; Lorie Zapf’s City Council campaign is spending an exorbitant amount of funds on literature. To date, her camp, the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, the San Diego Republican Party, and various consulting firms have sent a combined total of sixteen different items my way. These mailers are mostly alike in content, messaging, and appearance but this is especially true for the “voter guides” that are prepared by the Lincoln Club. Many of them appear to be duplicates, as the only noteworthy difference between them is the way they incorporate their message around an unbecoming black and white photograph of Mrs. Zapf’s Democratic opponent, Howard Wayne.


We are officially two weeks away from the June 8 California primary and judging from the political mail that keeps rolling in, my USPS postal carrier must be working overtime.

This past weekend, I received various slate mailers from a wide spectrum of slate mailer organizations. The California Federation of Teachers sent me their official election guide in which they endorsed Senator Barbara Boxer for the U.S. Senate, Jerry Brown for the Governorship, and Janice Hahn for Lieutenant Governor. They recommended voting No on Propositions 14 and 16 but yes on 15. In addition to their obvious bias towards Democratic candidates, they also encouraged Independent Voters to “Check the Democratic Ballot Box on your absentee request form or ask your attendant for a Democratic Ballot at the poll.” Needless to say, I will not be taking this guide with me on election day.


To a political nerd, such as myself, there is nothing quite as exciting as going to the mailbox during election season and examining the day’s collection of glossy double-sided political mailers. Since I am new to California and thus a recently registered voter, I was not expecting to receive much mail this election cycle. However, my name and address apparently made it on to various distribution lists as my mailbox has been overflowing with these direct marketing campaigns.


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