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Happy SANDAG Tax & Spend Republican Day

Friday, April 29, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

It looks like the SANDAG Board of Directors will vote to approve the SANDAG Sky Gondola Tax for a public vote today.  The anticipated scorecard should look like this:

City of San Diego: Faulconer (R) NO, Gloria (D) YES
County of San Diego: Roberts (T&SR) YES, Jacob (R) NO

That cancels out the big dogs in SANDAG and leaves the vote to the cities:


Can we get some more Republicans to place a pro-SANDAG tax resolution on their City Council’s agenda?  We really need to do this to get each and every Republican Council member and Mayor on record about this SANDAG tax.

Escondido City Council placed it on the agenda and not one council member voted for the tax. Poway and La Mesa rejected it unanimously as well. It is now fair to say that every Council Member in Escondido, Poway, and La Mesa (as well as two in Vista and one on El Cajon) are NOT tax and spend Republicans –– one could even call them taxpayer champions.


Bravo to the taxpayer champions in La Mesa for unanimously rejecting the SANDAG Sky Gondola tax.  You may have seen Councilwoman Alessio and I debating on these pages about procedural points but, when push came to shove, she (and her colleagues) stood up to this horrific tax proposal.  Here’s Alessio:

The vote in La Mesa was 5-0 against. All council members voting No. The reasons were as follows:
1. Not enough allocated to local infrastructure;
2. Length of tax (40 years) is too long;
3. La Mesa has the second highest sales tax rate in the County and if this is passed, we would be within 1/4 cent of our statutory limit on taxation, thus bind the hands of councils 25 or 30 years down the road to propose any tax increases for something necessary for La Mesa.


Poway Mayor Steve Vaus deserves praise for raising awareness about the SANDAG tax scheme.  He acted on the suggestion to get an up or down vote from the Poway City Council.  Last night, Poway rejected the SANDAG tax scheme unanimously.

Escondido unanimously rejected the tax a couple of weeks ago.  Coronado and Vista have it on their agendas for up or down votes.  Efforts are being made in Santee, El Cajon, La Mesa, and Solana Beach to get Council members on record.  The “No New Taxes” coalition is getting stronger in San Diego County.


I spoke with Encinitas Mayor and County Board of Supervisors candidate Kristin Gaspar today about the SANDAG tax scheme.  We are hopeful she can get its support on the Encinitas City Council for an up or down vote– We’d like to smoke out the tax hikers on the City Councils.  (FWIW, Kristin Gaspar is opposed to the SANDAG tax scheme).

While I was pitching my “Republicans oppose any and all efforts for new taxation”, Mayor Gaspar interrupted me:

GASPAR:  Have you read that proposal?

BRADY:  Yeah, it stinks.


SANDAG Tax and Spend Republicans #FeelTheHeat

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

We warned the SANDAG tax and spend Republicans to vote against putting Proposition X on the ballot:

Thus, the Republican Party is the “no new taxes” party.  Nationally, we ask our federal candidates to sign a pledge to oppose new taxes.  Statewide, we ask our statewide and legislative candidates to sign that pledge.  Locally, our standing policy is “no new taxes”.  If you run as an endorsed Republican, especially in San Diego County, the compact with the voters is that you will OPPOSE any new taxes.


Tonight, Senator Ted Cruz will hold a rally for his Presidential campaign at the Town and Country Resort in Mission Valley.  Over 3,000 people have registered to attend, many of whom are local Republican leaders. Senator Cruz has been endorsed by the highest ranking Republican in California, Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey, Assembly Member Marie Waldron and Assembly Member Brian Jones. Over 20 city council members from cities across the County have endorsed Cruz as well.

These Republican leaders have endorsed Ted Cruz for President:


I respect Donald J. Trump as an entrepreneur and recognize his strengths; he’s a great start up guy.  Trump has had a successful business career by mostly dreaming big, convincing investors/lenders to back up his big dreams, then litigating his long-term equity position after he has to cede control to investors/lenders.

Fortunately, business rewards those dreamers for their vision, even when they miss the mark.  Politics does not.


I have fielded a number of calls in the last two weeks, from Republicans who were upset with my “no new taxes” stance on the SANDAG tax hike. Many elected Republicans didn’t want to have to shoulder the responsibility for this tax hike — they thought they could hide behind the “let the people decide” curtain. The SANDAG staff and many special interest groups have been telling them to do just that.

Let me offer a life line to the elected Republicans who want to vote to put the tax hike on the ballot: Delay the vote until you get an up or down signal from your City Council. Introduce a resolution in your City Council meeting with these words:


I served for three years as a Committee member of the Republican Party of San Diego County (RPSDC), two of those years as an Executive Committee member. After those two years, I wrote a series of posts about the good things I experienced and some of the problems I detected. Three problems I identified were:

1- RPSDC endorsed in R on R races too early, alienating potential volunteers for victory in a general election. That is not the case today. In the 2016 election cycle, the Central Committee, with good leadership advice from the Chairman and Executive Committee, has practiced restraint rather than intervention in the endorsement process. I think that will serve Republicans well this November.


Let’s start here; the Republican Party is the “no new taxes” party.  The glaring reason is well, obvious; the federal, state, and local governments collect plenty of taxes already.    The secondary reasons are:  governments are horrible stewards of money and they have too much power over our lives.

Thus, the Republican Party is the “no new taxes” party.  Nationally, we ask our federal candidates to sign a pledge to oppose new taxes.  Statewide, we ask our statewide and legislative candidates to sign that pledge.  Locally, our standing policy is “no new taxes”.  If you run as an endorsed Republican, especially in San Diego County, the compact with the voters is that you will OPPOSE any new taxes.


Remember the tea party movement?  Way back in 2010, while conservatives were rising up to oppose the Bush bailouts, the Obama stimulus plan, and Obamacare, some people were fed up with the Republican party and re-registered to “decline to state”.  Santee Mayor Randy Voepel was one of those guys — Voepel made a very public statement about leaving the party:

In an interview, Voepel, 60, said his change of heart came after the selection of Sen. John McCain as the Republican presidential nominee in 2008, but records showed he re-registered this year. He said he hasn’t been pleased with the local GOP either.


RLC LogoThe Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego (RLCSD), a local chapter of The Republican Liberty Caucus, endorsed Leo Hamel’s bid for California Assembly in the 71st District. The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization, dedicated to working within the Republican Party, to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets.

Hamel, a successful business owner in San Diego County has supported many RLCSD-endorsed candidates and has worked with members on past campaigns. Hamel announced his candidacy just two days ago and made his visit to the RLCSD a priority. Last night, Hamel stressed that as an Assembly member he would work hard to recruit other business leaders to “answer the call” and follow his lead to public service. Hamel stressed that his goals were aligned with the local group:


Phil Graham is the latest domino to fall.  From Joshua Stewart at the Union Tribune:

“While my motivation for running for Assembly has not changed, nor my vision for a better California dimmed, 2016 is not my time,” Graham said in Thursday’s statement. “Being part of a divisive and expensive intra-party fight that takes valuable resources away from electing Republicans is not in line with who I am politically and personally, and not how I want to enter elected office.”

That’s a shame. I would have liked to see the two candidates debate. Congrats Rocky.


Leo Hamel For California Assembly

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

We might be saying Assemblyman Leo Hamel next year — that could be a very good thing for the Republicans in San Diego.  I met Leo Hamel in 2012 at a Lincoln-Reagan dinner.  I knew his name because of his high-profile jewelry business but I had never met the man.  During our conversation, I realized that Leo was a libertarian.  He supported Rand Paul and Carl DeMaio and understood that the political fight, for libertarians, had to be through one of the two major parties (thank to Prop 14).


San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer looks to be re-elected to a four-year term, this June, with no endorsed opposition from the Democratic Party.  Former (acting) Mayor Todd Gloria opted to run for State Assembly, in a District which wouldn’t elect a resurrected Reagan, and Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins found it easier to intimidate fellow Democrat Marty Block, from running for re-election to the State Senate, than challenging the Mayor.

No endorsed opposition from the Democratic Party, in a city with an eight-point Democratic registration advantage, in an election cycle which traditionally has higher Democratic voter turn out.  Let that sink in and then ask “Why?”


TRUMP: Mi Ricardo Grande

Friday, March 4, 2016
posted by Brian Brady







I’ve made this statement a few times before; #NeverTrump has nothing to do with the frustrated Republicans who support or lean towards Donald Trump but has everything to do with the poor character of the candidate.  Moreover, supporting Trump is a losing proposition against Clinton; he is the only Republican candidate remaining whose polling signals a loss to her in the general election.

The internet, for all of its potential, has served to create pockets of echo chambers, offering conformation bias rather than an open information exchange.  We search certain hashtags on Twitter, read certain blogs (like this one), and unfriend those who might not share our predetermined positions.


Not Today. Not in November. #NeverTrump

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

The established Republicans are pushing back on a Trump nomination. Note that I haven’t said “Republican Establishment” because it would be destroyed if it took sides. That’s fine. If “The Establishment” won’t provide leadership (and it can’t), movement conservatives and established Republicans can (and are).

As many as one out of five Republican voters have said they will not support Trump in the general election. Spurred on by a Twitter Hashtag, blogger Erick Erickson, National Review, and an electrifying letter from Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a grassroots revolt is underway by the reliable Republican base. Schoolteachers, military officers, Kiwanis Club Presidents, cops, business owners, weekly church worshipers, etc are all saying one thing:


The following December 14, 2015, piece by Brian Brady is being reposted, because it’s even more important now than it was then.

A work of fiction by Brian Brady

“To you, Sugah. The next President of the United States.” The former President was always lavish when praising his wife. They were both lawyers but completely different. He loved to be in front of a crowd. She was more comfortable in the private meeting of a sub-committee’s sub committee. She was driven by envy while he was driven by vanity. He took what he wanted but she had to tear everyone down, and be the last person standing, to claim the title of emperor.


I am fascinated that the political establishment are starting to break for Donald Trump.  Duncan Hunter stuck his neck out first.  New Jersey Chris Christie followed the Republican brawl Debate with endorsement, and now Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions came out for Trump today.

Hunter’s endorsement wasn’t that crazy.  I said,  ” I think Hunter desperately wants to stand up and say ‘eliminate ISIS, secure the damned border, and stop killing babies in the womb’. Right now, Trump seems like the only one that’s going to help him do that.”    Hunter’s always been a bit of a maverick and he’s never been a green eyeshade or civil libertarian type of Republican.  He’s not that much of a budget hawk if the Department of Defense os getting more money.


What Donald Trump Gets That We Never Will

Friday, February 26, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

Let me start off by saying that Donald Trump is the last Republican I want to hold office; I think he’s a con-man.  I also want to acknowledge that, while we bicker on this blog, there are some really smart people here.  Now, let me tell you something you might not want to here:

We just don’t count.

Seriously, we don’t.  The American electorate doesn’t want to talk about the things we do here.  They want to pursue happiness and they just want a government that looks out for them.  Watch this 90-second explanation of “the Genius of Donald Trump” by Chris Matthews.


Duncan Hunter endorses Donald Trump For President

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

This changes everything; Congressman Duncan Hunter endorses Trump for President:

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) told POLITICO on Wednesday that he will support Trump for the Republican nomination, making him one of the first members of Congress to express public support for the Manhattan businessman who is the prohibitive front-runner after his victory in Tuesday’s Nevada caucuses.

Also on Wednesday, Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) told The Buffalo News that he is backing Trump, saying he has the “guts and fortitude” to get jobs back from China and to take on foreign threats such as the Islamic State and North Korea.


The Del Mar Seacoast Republican Women Federated will be hosting a debate, between national defense consultant and Marine veteran Jacquie Atkinson and business owner and former Bush Administration official, Denise Gitsham–both ladies are Republican candidates for The US House of Representatives, representing the 52nd Congressional District.  The seat is currently held by Democrat Scott Peters.

The debate will be held at the Del Mar Country Club, from 6:00PM until 8:30PM on Thursday, March 17th, 2016.  Panelists will be asking the candidates questions about:

National Security
Illegal Immigration
Second Amendment
Tax and Regulatory Reform
Protecting Civil Liberties


The local newspaper wondered last year why Rocky Chávez was abandoning his safe Assembly seat to run for the nearly unwinnable seat in the US Senate. That was a fair question then. Chávez campaigned for the US Senate and was endorsed by 19 current members of the Assembly’s Republican Caucus, the Mayor of California’s second largest city (San Diego), the current Republican Leader of the Assembly, and two former Republican Leaders of the Assembly. That’s an impressive list.

Now that Chávez has chosen to abandon his Senate bid and run for re-election in his Assembly District, we should ask that impressive list of people if they choose to back him in that re-election bid.


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