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The U-T reports that the Vista City Council granted Dollar General a permit to build a store in its kingdom but decided what it can or can’t sell.  Let’s look at quotes from both sides of the alcohol permitting process.

“Combine those two factors and there is no way that additional (alcohol) sales would add anything to the city of Vista,”

“I am not willing to limit somebody’s ability to sell their retail wares because they weren’t first in line in the neighborhood,”

As fire fights with foreign soldiers, on the southern land border increase,  the Border Patrol reports that foreign nationals are attempting high-speed amphibious landings in San Diego County:

In the early morning of Aug. 26, agents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Air and Marine (OAM) stopped a panga off the coast of San Diego County loaded with 20 people attempting an illegal entry into the country.

At around 1 a.m., CBP Air Interdiction Agents in an OAM Multi-role Enforcement Aircraft (MEA) King Air 350ER spotted the 30-foot panga around 30 miles from the coastal city of Del Mar.  The MEA crew directed two OAM Interceptor boats to the panga’s location.

Katy Grimes wrote a great piece about the attack on free market transportation over on Flash Report today:

This free market response to the heavily regulated, unionized and expensive taxi and shuttle industry, is brilliant. Uber, Sidecar and Lyft work beautifully, and usually flawlessly, unlike unreliable shuttle services, and sometimes hostile and unscrupulous taxi drivers. And it is significantly less expensive.

Some in the media have said consumers only care about the immediacy and convenience of the quick, easy-to-order rideshare car services, and not about who is driving, or if they have insurance.

The City of Solana Beach had two open Council seats in the November election: Tom Campbell was retiring and incumbent Democrat Mike Nichols filed to run for re-election. Three other candidates pulled papers to run against Nichols and for Campbell’s seat:

1- Ginger Marshall, the endorsed Republican candidate.
2- Patrick Germon, an independent businessman
3- Shannon Lerach, a newcomer to Solana Beach with long time ties to the Democratic establishment

Nichols, Marshall and Lerach qualified for the ballot and Germon decided to run in 2016. Lerach pulled out of the race on the last filing day, leaving only Democrat Nichols and Republican Marshall qualified for the two empty seats.

Virginia “Ginger” Marshall filed papers with the Solana Beach City Clerk today for the November City Council election. Marshall has until Friday to submit a petition with 20 signatures of registered voters in Solana Beach to qualify for the November ballot.

Marshall has lived in Solana Beach for over 12 years and has resided on both the West side of 101 as well as the East side of I-5. She is a licensed REALTOR with Allison James Estates & Homes and has been selling California real estate since 2007. Prior to that, Ginger worked as a mortgage lending professional in La Jolla and Vail, CO.  While living in Colorado, Ginger served as Chairman of the Eagle County (CO) Down Payment Assistance Fund and was given an “Award for Housing Excellence” by The Eagle County, CO Commissioners in 2000.

Americans aged 13-30 are much more libertarian than liberal, says a Reason-Rupe report.  That’s important for California Republicans to know because that generation represents close to one in five voters.  In five years, that number will grow to one in four voters.

Millennials have oft been described as the enigma generation when it comes to politics.  They eschew party labels but overwhelmingly supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012.   Why would a generation, saddled with student loan debt, living with their parents, underemployed, vote for a President with such a poor record on economic freedom?

Celebrate Independence, Not Government

Friday, July 4, 2014
posted by Brian Brady

We read the Declaration of Independence aloud last night at the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego meeting.  This tradition started last year when a few of us read it at the Del Mar Fair.  I won’t print all the words on this site but I invite you to read it before I continue.

This was (and still is) a radical document.  One has to fully appreciate the politics of the day to understand its context.  One on three colonists were loyal to the King, one in three were for the cause of secession from Great Britain, and one on three didn’t care at all.  Of the 33% sympathetic to the cause, only one in eleven of those people were actually doing something about it– hence the name “Three Percenters“.

Everywhere I look, I see the command /control economy failing.   I knew this instinctively, some thirty years ago when I attended “bottomless cup” fraternity parties. What started out as a “too good to be true” deal ended with an early dismissal for the guys and an invitation to the girls to stick around for the “after party”.  Naturally, I joined a fraternity.

What happened in Escondido the other night was very unfortunate.  The populist revolt against the conditional use permit, to house Central American refugee children at a temporary facility in Escondido, is an understandable reaction to failed federal immigration policy.  The federal government has failed to enforce our borders (almost willingly) for at least two Presidential administrations now.  Naturally, people are frustrated.

The protest looked really bad — indifferent at best and xenophobic at worst.  Doug Porter at San Diego Free Press suggests that it’s bigotry (it’s not) and Logan Jenkins thinks it’s a form of tea party, anti-DC, NIMBY-ism (closer to the mark).  It’s frustration, but it’s frustration with the wrong failed federal policy.  Make no mistake about it, these kids are war refugees, refugees from the failed war on drugs.

My friend, author Greg Swann released his controversial book Father’s Day: More Married. More Husband. More Father. More Man on this past weekend.  I had already read the advanced release of the manuscript but bought a few digital copies for friends (the Kindle version is less than a buck).  This hard-hitting, in your face, 80-page book is an important read for movement conservatives because it understands two things we talk about a lot:  (1) families are the most important civil institution in a vibrant society and (2) men need to take personal responsibility for making their marriages work.

Dave Brat, economics professor, neophyte, and “underfunded” candidate has done the unbelievable — he decidedly defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Brat ran a campaign that attracted heavy tea party support, criticizing Cantor for his votes for the debt ceiling increase and his support for comprehensive immigration reform (italicized and emboldened intentionally).

Some observations:

1- You gotta pick your battles. VA CD-7 is a deep red district. It’s had a Republican House member since 1971 and three conservative Democrats (we used to have those) serving from 1935-1971.

How relevant are Second Amendment supporters in San Diego County elections?  In a county-wide election, it could mean as much as a 2-4% margin.  Let’s look at two unopposed, county-wide races. With 92% of the vote in:

  • Sheriff Bill Gore, running unopposed, had 100% of the vote with 240,394
  • County Treasurer Dan McAllister, running unopposed, had 100% of the vote with 246,890

That’s a difference of almost 6500 votes.  Gore, noted for his deliberate defiance of the Peruta decision, earned 6500 votes less than the unopposed, incumbent County Treasurer (an office which has nothing to do with gun permits and/or regulations).  When the remaining 4000 or so votes come in, I expect that difference to be about 7000.

Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been sitting in a Mexican prison since March 31 for crossing the border with guns in his car.  Mexican citizens are not allowed to own firearms and  American tourists should be aware that transporting ammunition or firearms, across the Mexican border, is a crime punishable by jail time….Mexican jail time…sometimes in the La Mesa Penitentary, where cartel members and gangs rule the cell blocks.

Tony Kranz and Lisa Shaffer just broke their word, from Encinitas Undercover:

In a stunning display of bad faith, crass political calculation, and petty vindictiveness, Council Members Tony Kranz and Lisa Shaffer have initiated agenda items to strip Kristin Gaspar of her unanimously-agreed six-month turn as mayor that was to begin June 11.

12A. Council initiated item from Council Member Shaffer to reconsider Mayor and Deputy Mayor transition scheduled to take effect June 11, 2014.

2014-05-28 Item 12A – Council Member Shaffer Initiated Item

I received this email, from Kirk Jorgensen, about an hour ago:

Yesterday, my family received a political mailer (not connected with my campaign) that compared me and my opponent on national security issues. The mailer displayed a photo of me in my Marine Corps uniform from Al-Hillah, Iraq during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and a photo of my opponent, Carl DeMaio dressed in a costume.

While I agree with the importance of debating the differences between us on Foreign Policy, National Defense, Fiscal Reform, and our Constitution—I do not condone the use of distasteful language or inappropriate photographs to illustrate these differences.

I don’t care much for personal identity politics because it treats people like groups rather than individuals.  I understand the desire to organize around ideas or principles but organizing because of skin tone, ethnicity, or sexual orientation never quite made sense to me.  Having stated that, as long as those groups don’t initiate force (like ethnic heritage groups),  its really doesn’t affect me negatively.

Proposition 41 seeks to address the problem of homlessness among veterans and that is a noble pursuit.  It authorizes $600 million of already approved (but unissued) housing bonds to be issued, with the proceeds to be repurposed for the construction of multi-family housing units for low-income and homeless veterans and their families.  It is endorsed by by both political parties, The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and most major dailies including the UT-San Diego.

I recommend that this proposition be defeated because I asked this question:

Should we trust the same people who gave us the crazy train with this task? 

The Republican political class loves to chatter about how a Donnelly for Governor campaign will affect down ticket races.  The premise is, even though he is the overwhelming favorite of the Republican volunteers, is that he will damage the “brand” forever because of his high-profile support for stronger borders.  Karl Rove suggested that Tim Donnelly at the top of the ticket will damage Republicans’ message to Latinos “for decades.”

I suggest that Kashkari will do more damage to the Republican message to REPUBLICANS.  This isn’t me talking, the video is of then-Representative Don Manzullo (R-IL), interrogating Kashkari when he was the administrator of the bailout plan called TARP:

Let’s start here; Councilman Ed Harris is an unelected Councilman with 8 months left on his term.  He can’t run for re-election so, in essence, he is immune from voter input.  One of his first acts, after being appointed to the office vacated by Mayor Faulconer, was to reaffirm his endorsement of  fellow Democrat Sarah Boot for his seat.

Unelected short-timers can be useful props in campaigns.  They can say things the candidate can’t.  To wit:

Councilman Ed Harris said density belonged in blighted neighborhoods in District 4, instead of Clairemont’s “family oriented community.”

Question The Endorsements

Monday, April 28, 2014
posted by Brian Brady

When a Congressmen says this about a person:

“You’re here today because Congress is convinced you played a bait-and-switch and you’re not doing anything to convince us otherwise.”

…and six years later says this about the same person:

“(insert state name) Democrats have a disastrous record of passing job-killing laws and regulations that have destroyed the middle class; it’s clearly time for new leadership to help restore the strength of our private sector and put people back to work. I’m pleased to endorse (insert candidate name) because he is an honest, hard-working person who is clearly committed to public service, and I believe he’s the right candidate to lead the Republican ticket in (insert state name) this November.”

Let’s be honest about the minimum wage. It was a racist policy when Davis-Bacon was passed and it’s a vote buying scheme to attract white, suburban teenagers to the Democratic Party. Those promoting it do so with wanton disregard for people trying to get ahead. It hurts single mothers, African-Americans, legal immigrants, and the ambitious.

It’s a scheme to buy off white voters. Don’t take my word for it. Read this article on Think Progress (hardly a conservative periodical):

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San Diego is a Purplish-Blue County Now

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
posted by Brian Brady

Republicans are the minority party of the electorate in San Diego County.  From Flash Report:

Democrats have the plurality of registered voters by party registration in San Diego County after the state reported  its pre-election breakdown of  political party registration in the state.  Democrats comprise almost 35% of registered voters in San Diego County, with GOP voters sliding to second-place with a little more than 33% and “no party preference” making 26.52%.

Are conservatives leaving because our candidates don’t reflect the CRP Platform or are moderates leaving because the platform is too rigid? Is it an issue with the local party, an issue with the national party, an issue with local elected Republicans, or an issue with nationally elected Republicans?

Dan Bongino: Portrait of a Patriot

Friday, April 18, 2014
posted by Brian Brady

From Congressional candidate Dan Bongino’s Facebook page:

It’s all backwards. What do I mean?

Tonight, while at a Lincoln Dinner, I was talking to a few of our state elected-officials here in Maryland, when I noticed an older gentleman in a green sport-jacket. I wasn’t sure if he was waiting to talk to me or someone else so I didn’t bother him.  After about 15 minutes he approached me and said, “I’m not one of those guys, I’m just a little guy.” He then proceeded to sincerely thank me for taking on this fight.

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I was wrong about Lori Saldaña. She’s talking over at the San Diego Free Press and it ain’t gonna be pretty for the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee. Wednesday’s piece (Part Two) is going to directly answer the question I posed to her:

Did the San Diego Democratic Party threaten to withhold support from you if you refused to endorse Filner in the Mayoral election?”

She alludes to the answer in today’s installment (Part One):

Last night, the Republican Party of San Diego County endorsed Navy veteran Larry A. Wilske for Congress in the 53rd Congressional District race against incumbent Susan Davis.  A super majority of 2/3 of the voting members was required for endorsement.  The endorsement permits Wilske to go on the Republican voter guide, designed to communicate with registered-Republican voters the county organization’s recommendations.

Wilske was first endorsed by Combat Veterans for Congress and then secured the endorsement from the Latino American Political Association of San Diego.  Both non-partisan organizations chose Wilske over Davis for the upcoming election.  Securing the Republican endorsement gives Wilske the opportunity to focus his efforts on independent voters and registered Democrats, a move which is essential for victory in this District.  The District registration is 43% Democrat, 29% Republican, and 29% decline-to-state.

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