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When I watched the last Virginia Gubernatorial election,  I thought “The Clintons were behind this.” Governor Terry McAuliffe, a huge “Friend of Bill,” defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Libertarian Robert Sarvis with just 48 percent of the vote. I’ve often warned that popular Libertarian Party candidates aren’t “taking” votes which would go to Republicans but, in this case, it may have been true.  McAuliffe earned 95 percent of the registered Democrats’ votes while Cuccinelli earned only 92 percent of the registered Republicans’ votes.


Why We Love Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
posted by Brian Brady

Pat Buchanan said it best — there are two Americas now. Standing at polar opposites are Americans who believe more in our First Principles and Americans who believe more in the Ten Planks. Oddly enough, those Americans live next-door to one another and are looking for someone to champion their principles rather than capitulate to the other side.


Trump Is a Hustla, Yo?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
posted by Brian Brady

I used to idolize Donald Trump. As a young man in Philly, Trump loomed large because he got stuff done. New York City (and Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC) were financial train wrecks and falling apart. Trump represented the “new way.” When the City of New York couldn’t build an ice skating rink in six years for $13 million, Trump completed the project in a few months for about $2.5 million.


…he called out the wrong Mexicans.

Donald Trump, famous real estate developer and television star is seeking the Republican Presidential nomination for 2016. He created quite a stir when he recently said in his campaign announcement that Mexicans entering America illegally were “drug dealers and rapists.” Trump is absolutely wrong and is blaming the victims — the Mexican nationals who are entering America illegally are more aptly described as economic refugees. If Republican candidates want to address the illegal immigration crisis in America, they would do well to focus on the Mexican emigration problem.


San Diego-based Gina Loudon, a conservative talk show host, asked this yesterday via Facebook:

What votes would it take for the GOP to beat Hillary? Why?
A. Independent/ moderates
B. Women & minority vote
C. Youth vote
D. Motivate conservatives & libertarians

This is a thoughtful question.  My answer is simple; “E– Democrats”.  Let me explain:  I’m not interested in a Republican winning the White House as much as I’m interested in restoring the principles of a free society in these United States.  That won’t happen with a divided electorate.


Former staffer Diane Porter’s legal claim against Supervisor Dave Roberts says three things:

1- Dave Roberts had an “inappropriate” relationship with staffer Harold Meza.
2- Harold Meza was given favorable treatment and rewards for being Roberts’ paramour.
3- Roberts misused county funds to reward Meza for that relationship and to cover up the existence of that relationship.

Supervisor Roberts offered that there were “inaccuracies” in the claim.  Maybe that’s just cautious talk for a full denial so I’ll assume (for this argument) that Dave Roberts completely denies all points of the claim against him.


The California gasoline tax is one of the highest in the nation, yet our streets, roads, and highways are in s a perpetual state of disrepair. The main reason is because our gasoline taxes have been diverted from their originally intended purpose to the general fund. In 2010, the Legislature perfected a “gas tax swap” to facilitate this swindle.

That’s still not enough for the governing party in Sacramento. SB 16 is designed to burden Californians with the highest gas tax in the nation by adding 10 cents a gallon to the already 43 cents a gallon they charge us. The stated purpose is on the sponsoring Senator’s page. Here, Senator Jim Beall (D) acknowledges that the Legislature is charging you more money because they stole from you five years ago:


Governor Jerry Brown has a short fuse for the critics of his centralized planners:

Gov. Jerry Brown is taking a blunt approach with critics of his $15 million plan to build twin tunnels to send water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  Brown said Wednesday that until critics have studied the problem for a million hours, they should “shut up, because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

Moonbeam is in full-blown Stalin mode in the People’s Republic of California now.

Read the whole story at the Sacramento CBS affiliate


The Koch Brothers are funding a pretty smart voter outreach initiative and it has Democrats in an uproar. Public policy, backed by the Democratic Party platform, has eliminated two generations of traditionally Democratic voters. In response, President Obama is attempting to create a whole new host of clients for the Democratic Party through a legally dubious Executive Action.


Dave Roberts won’t be a County Supervisor in 2017.  Underneath the smiling, affable exterior is an elitist’s heart, as Roberts is confident he knows how to run your life better than you do. I knew this when I watched him on the Solana Beach City Council and his voting record as Supervisor confirms it.

As Supervisor, Roberts voted against the First Amendment and Fifth Amendment, and actively campaigns against property rights. His tenure on the Solana Beach Council is marked by the same: punish people who want a bigger home than you have, restrict how business owners use their property, repeatedly hike taxes, and failure to reform the public employee pension plan.


Today, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is planning to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.  While former Florida Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and former Texas Governor Rick Perry are likely candidates, there is no doubt that the influence of the grass-roots tea party movement is being felt this year.

To date, there are four announced candidates for President:

1- Texan Ted Cruz was elected to the US Senate in 2012, defeating an establishment-backed David Dewhurst. Texas tea party groups proved that the “news of the tea party’s death was greatly exaggerated” with the Cruz victory.


Is Jerry’s Kern’s Assembly Run Serious?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
posted by Brian Brady

Oceanside Councilman Jerry Kern announced his candidacy for the 76th Assembly District last week. The UT-San Diego reported that Kern will probably earn the endorsement of the incumbent Assemblyman, Rocky Chavez. Chavez is vacating the seat to challenge California Attorney General Kamala Harris for the open US Senate seat in 2016. Kern signaled that he will work to solve the “hot” problems reported in the media:

Kern, who has been on the Oceanside council since 2004, said he is seeking the position because he wants to help advance regional issues such as education, water, and jobs.


Ted Cruz announced that he is running for President in 2016. To date, he is the only Republican or Democrat who has announced his campaign. Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton have sent a lot of messages but Cruz is running for President.

This is a great thing for a Republican in the November 2016 Presidential campaign. Here are five reasons why:

1. Ted Cruz mobilizes a disaffected base of the Republican electorate. Ted Cruz is an unabashed conservative. He is a constitutionalist, a populist, a social conservative, and strong on national defense. More importantly, he is a gifted orator, has a brilliant mind, and communicates the “Reagan Revolution” to the next generation of Republicans (the under 40 crowd).


I thought this was an early April Fool’s Joke today until I read the invitation. Scott Peters is a disaster for San Diego County taxpayers so I naturally thought the Taxpayers “Association” was going to goof on him this month. Alas, this is just another crony capitalist event for which the SDCTA is becoming famous.

This whole “breakfast forum” SDCTA is sponsoring is how best to get taxpayers funds for private businesses. Let me state that differently. The goal of the breakfast forum is to question Congressman Peters about how to get the money, which San Diego County taxpayers pay to the federal government, into the pockets of privately-owned corporations. Most privately-owned corporations get capital from banks, Wall Street, owner’s savings accounts, or loans from family members but these “attendees” are going to learn how to get their neighbors’ money for their business.


Did you see what just happened in Oklahoma? Republican State Representative Todd Russ introduced a bill to get the Oklahoma State government out of the marriage licensing business and into the marriage recognition business. Readers here will recognize this as the “Michael Schwartz” plan: government should record marriage documents rather than issue them. From

He (Russ), too, claims to be confused by objections to this legislation. While it is true that the legislation is a direct response to the federal courts striking down Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage recognition and the likelihood that the Supreme Court will uphold those rulings this summer, Russ said his legislation is intended to take the state out of the fight, not to perpetuate the conflict. He said Oklahomans likely wouldn’t even notice a difference in the legal status of their relationships under his bill.


California Assemblyman and retired Marine Colonel Rocky Chavez is running for the open California US Senate seat. Chavez is running against the “best looking attorney general in America,” Kamala Harris. Chavez offers a “pragmatic platform” of strong foreign policy experience, comprehensive immigration reform, leaving Obamacare in place, supporting same sex marriage, and opposing abortion. He faces a large registration disadvantage but thinks his military experience translates to a win:


I think Cory Briggs’ enviromental lawsuits are bat*** crazy but the KPBS/inewsource “expose” is a fishing expedition because he’s challenging the Tourism Marketing District (TMD) tax.  The TMD is a crony capitalist weapon, aimed at stifling competition, in a market which sorely needs competition.

Cory Briggs is not someone I revere but smearing the man’s name, for anything other than being an enviro-wacko, is a cheap, tawdry, two-bit trick. There was a time when I thought that Republicans were better than this.   Today is not one of those times.


The Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego voted to endorse the candidacy of State Senator Joel Anderson (Alpine) for District Two on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in the 2016 election.

The Second District covers most of East County. It extends to the Imperial County line in the east, encompassing the communities of Poway, Julian and Ramona to the north, includes the cities of Santee, La Mesa, Lemon Grove and El Cajon, the inincorporated areas of Alpine, Lakeside and Spring Valley, and all land to the Mexican border (including the communities of Jamul, Dulzura, and Potrero). Geographically, it is the largest district in the county and serves more than 625,000 citizens. District Two is currently represented by decades-long incumbent Dianne Jacob.


The County Board of Supervisors ruled against free speech today.  Let me amend that; every Supervisor, except Board Chairman Bill Horn, limited your right to support candidates through a political party.

Horn registered his expected pro-freedom response.  He started the conversation by saying that he opposes any limits to free speech.  After public testimony (from five speakers and 16 non-speakers, against the contribution limit proposal, and exactly NO people supporting it),  initiating Supervisor Ron Roberts amended his original proposal.  He increased the contribution limit stating that his original number was too low.


Tom Shepard is up to his old shenanigans again. Shepard-backed Supervisor Ron Roberts is introducing a proposal to limit candidate donations from political parties in San Diego County. Guess why? To protect two of Shepard’s other clients, up for re-election in 2016: Dianne Jacob and Greg Cox. It also gives Shepard a chance to make MORE money by forming and/or consulting for “independent expenditure committees” (also known as attack ad slush funds).


In my last two years as an Executive Board member of the Republican Party of San Diego County (a position from which I’ve resigned), I noticed a growing alienation between “rank-and-file” Republican volunteers and our County Central Committee (an elected position which I still hold). The most engaged Republican voters think we push candidates on them rather than listen to them. I covered this in my series about the RPSDC.

This isn’t just a San Diego problem.

Breitbart News reports that political consultant Pat Caddell sees this happening nationwide:


In my last installment, I suggested that there was only one approach to grow our party for the 2016 election cycle — change the endorsement process. I said:

Our endorsement process is broken — it alienates a lot of people. After reading through this entire series, I’ve concluded that two things could change us for the better: getting people elected to the Central Committee with no financial stake in the party endorsements (which can’t be attempted until 2017) or changing the way we endorse candidates (which can be changed in the next month). The latter is the only option we have this election cycle.”


We’ve had some great discussions in this series and I spent a lot of time discussing the Volunteer Neighborhood Precinct Captains. I’ve served on two other county committees (Camden County, NJ and Maricopa County, AZ)  before serving on the San Diego Committee. In those committees, the Precinct Captain was elected and was the basic building block of party governance and operations.

Take a look at what’s happening in Arizona. John McCain is trying to purge the “tea party” precinct committee captains:


This is a long series so let me summarize it before we start to talk about how to reconcile irreconcilable differences.

In the first installment, I posited that the Republican Party of San Diego County’s (RPSDC) celebrated “San Diego Model” was, in fact, not being followed. The comments that followed suggested early endorsements alienated people in the primaries, causing them to “drop out” of the general elections.


Like many libertarians, I am appalled at what’s happening to our police forces in this country. Like many conservatives, I am saddened that people have lost trust in law enforcement.

I was furious that Kelly Thomas’ killers were set free. While I agree with the grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown shooting, I wonder why that cop had to chase a cigar thief. When I watched the Eric Garner video, I was stunned that a stupid cigarette tax escalated the way it did. Finally. watching a Cleveland cop shoot a 12-year old boy with a toy gun disgusted me.


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